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  1. Thanks for the quick attention, It's refreshing after my experience testing box billing last week. I just removed the module and then re-installed it and was able to successfully add a service through admin. I did it through the order page the first time so I am about to process one that way again just to be sure its working. I'll keep you guys updated. Thanks!
  2. Wow, if it was a snake it would have bit me LOL...There isnt anything useful in the logs. What else should I check for the problem?
  3. Are any log files created by blesta? I am trying to track down why Blesta shows that activation was successful and yet no account is actually created in WHM. What would cause this?
  4. Does anyone have an eta on enom? I have a free enom account with my package so that's what I am going to use lol
  5. Either I am losing my mind or this support doc has wrong information: http://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Selling+Domains There are no modules for domain registration showing up on my trial installation. Please advise?
  6. I just recreated the directory and moved everything back so I can continue testing. If I decide to purchase then I can make those changes then. Thanks.
  7. I am getting the license invalid error when trying to access my install. I am pretty sure I caused this though. I installed Blesta into a sub folder which was working but then I noticed there was an additional directory (public_html) inside the install folder which contained Blesta. I saw no point in it being setup that way so I moved all of the Blesta files up one step in the path and removed that empty folder. How can I fix this?
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