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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! didn't even notice that the servers were in the relevant extension settings It all makes sence now.
  2. Hi I have been playing with vps's and have used whm/cpanel for years. I have also been doing web design as a hobby and for friends, family etc. This year I want to take this to the next level. I am considering whmcs, clientexec and blesta. I currently have a reseller account and want to offer cpanel via vps optimised with a differnt provider. So i would have reseller 1 and reseller 2. How would it be possile for an order to be automatically provided with the correct nameservers. for exmple with reseller 1 I alredy have ns1.mydomain.co.uk, ns2.mydomain.co.uk, ns3.mydomain.co.uk, ns4.mydomain.co.uk. These are free branded nameservers that are mearly mirrored / mapped to the nameservers of reseller 1. So I my question is...If a cusomer orders a product from reseller 2. is it possible for me to use differnet nameservers that point to reseller 2? What are my options for doing this in blesta? do I need to research DNS clustering and would this help my situation, or are DNS clusters useless if the nameservers are just mapped servers? My goal is to have; Product 1 > goes to server / reseller 1 > reseller 1 nameservers. Product 2 > goes to server / reseller 2 > reseller 2 nameservers. Sorry for the noob type questions...Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. off topic here.. but what was the reason you grew sick of whmcs? Im interested to know as I am considering whmcs, blesta or clientexec.
  4. Hi guys first post here. I hope im in the right section. Just a heads up I emailed the guy at coinpayments.net today requesting a blesta plugin and he happily abbliged. All ready on the same day. so for anyone that wants to accept litecoin, bitcoin, + about 30+ other cryptocoins then please look at this extension. https://www.coinpayments.net/merchant-tools-plugins PS does anyone know how I can get a 30% voucher? my current billing system is boxbilling so I can't supply a recepit as it's free. Boxbilling just doesn't cover my needs and looking at blesta it may well.
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