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  1. Hi Cyborg4, I have a feeling that you are one of our clients. If I am correct we do send out e-mail notifications. If you are with us and not receiving them, could you please open a ticket and we will check if e-mails are getting denied from your registered e-mail.
  2. PauloV is brilliant! I would recommend to anyone!
  3. Hey guys, How many of you offer VPS as a service? If so, do you hae your own or do you use a reseller and if you use a reseller, who do you use?
  4. Hey guys, The cron command is incorrect for my server. How do I update it? Cheers, Niall
  5. I am willing to pay £15 (Via PayPal) to someone who can help me set up this simple Affiliate script! I have a referral system that I am trying to sync and I need to add this code to a page in blesta. I am not sure which file to add this to. I need to add it to a page where I can call all four.
  6. It was an issue with a domain that had not been configured correctly. It was pending and it was requesting every 5 mins. It has flooded it over a couple of weeks.
  7. Yes, unfortunately, do I need to download and upload a file though?
  8. I have found that page already but if any of my customers order from the first domain they are charged and they do not get a domain.
  9. Great! There is still an issue however, on the order form in this view: http://exhz.co.uk/billing/plugin/order/main/configure/order/?pricing_id=29&group_id=4 There is boxes for nameservers but there is not box for the domain.
  10. Any more news on this. It is a great idea!
  11. Cheer for this! Brilliant, looking forward to next week! Any way we can donate?
  12. This looks to be a great plug in and it is just what I need!! However, there is no option for the user to type in thier domain thy would like to register. http://exhz.co.uk/billing/plugin/order/main/configure/order/?pricing_id=29&group_id=4
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