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  1. Kurogane

    Update package

    Move service to another new package?
  2. Kurogane

    Update package

    Ok, i create a new package to avoid errors. But i have a problem to move services. This is what i have done. rename service_fields update module_row_id But still pointing to old services, when i go in admin area services --> "manage" --> Service Information --> server. I still see old group name of module so i don't know why. What i do wrong? services_fields and module_row_id i know is right, but even if not right always pointing old services not matter what change i made.
  3. Kurogane

    Update package

    I want to update package module but i can't because says "one or more services already using this package". I already cancel all services are linked with that packages and still give me that error not sure why says that. Only i look wierd is in server module, says i have xx/100 accounts, how is possible i have xx account if i cancel all accounts? where is getting that number? is possible because says "i have accounts" (which not) not let me update packages. What is the logic not let me change module.
  4. In these days its possible to migrated more easy?
  5. You need to disable Rocket Loader and Auto Minify.
  6. Kurogane

    Coin Payments

    You have two typo errors. 1. In config.json on line 8 you have a extra ' 2. I'm not sure about this what is the correct name but the folder is named coinpayments and not work for able to work you need to change to coin_payments or vice-versa change coinpayments.php.
  7. Kurogane

    Upgrade package

    How to upgrade a package? I setup Package Groups, assing packages into Package Groups and enable upgrade in Package Groups/Clients Groups. But, in client area i not see the packages i have assing in Package Groups show empty. Also, if i change the package in admin area how i can blesta create the invoice for that package? current now change the package but not create the invoice until next cycle.
  8. I'm glad i see this post before to buy Multi-Company, what terrible way clients not able to have same email in more companies. That is why should be seperate database from the beginning I never understood why all the companies had to be in the same database.
  9. Kurogane

    Upgrade problem

    So, this "error"" happen as well in CLI? I notice and not sure why, i have logs in my root path of my user,folder logs_blesta: general-error.log, general-info.log, general-notice.log In general-notice i see [2017-12-23 18:02:39] general.NOTICE: E_NOTICE: Undefined index: widgets_on {"code":8,"message":"Undefined index: widgets_on","file":"/home/blesta/app/controllers/admin_main.php","line":643} [2017-12-23 18:02:40] general.NOTICE: E_NOTICE: Undefined index: widgets_on {"code":8,"message":"Undefined index: widgets_on","file":"/home/blesta/app/controllers/admin_main.php","line":643} [2017-12-23 18:03:43] general.NOTICE: E_NOTICE: Undefined index: widgets_on {"code":8,"message":"Undefined index: widgets_on","file":"/home/blesta/app/controllers/admin_main.php","line":643} About config the only i see session_ttl in blesta.php Configure::set('Blesta.session_ttl', 1800); // 30 minutes This is what you refering for?
  10. Kurogane

    Upgrade problem

    What you mean "upgrade at admin/upgrade" i upgraded via CLI not sure if you mean that. Yes, actually i notice widget is lost and put it back it worked again. But this not happen before so seems wierd to me and not sure if this cause some problem later because the upgrade not finish correctly.
  11. You need to change in "My Info"
  12. Kurogane

    Upgrade problem

    Anyone upgraded 4.x to 4.2 lost the information in index admin area? When you login as admin you look at some statistics but now i upgraded is lost i see a blank page in where the statistics is placed.
  13. I tried to upgrade blesta 4.0.0 to 4.2.0 via clean upgrade follow this error. ---------------------------------------- Blesta CLI Upgrader ---------------------------------------- Upgrade from 4.0.0-b6 to 4.2.0? (Y/N): y 10/10 [========================================] 100% 1/1 [========================================] 100% 5/6 [=================================> ] 83 %[2017-12-23 16:54:45] general.WARNING: E_WARNING: rmdir(/home/blesta/components/exchange_rates/yahoo_finance/): No such file or directory {"code":2,"message":"rmdir(/home/blesta/components/exchange_rates/yahoo_finance/): No such file or directory","file":"/home/blesta/components/upgrades/tasks/upgrade4_2_0_b1.php","line":220} [] 6/6 [========================================] 100% 1/1 [========================================] 100% 8/8 [========================================] 100% 13/13 [========================================] 100% 4/4 [========================================] 100% Finished. Older installers have yahoo_finance and because this is a clean upgrade install try to find that folder but now 4.2 not have it and fail to remove. I'm not sure if the upgrade go well is just a warning but say 5/6
  14. Its not PHP and DB issue here is something else. What OS and Panel Control you have?
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