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Found 57 results

  1. Hello all, Im going to start filling my knowledge base up with some basic Q&A's and wondering what you guys have in there? If you can post me some and don't mind me using them that would be great! Just want to have some things in there but not sure where to start Cheers, Matt
  2. Hello Paul/Tyson/Cody, On this Post http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4279-logicboxes-domains/ a problem was found by the user rfhmendes. If we have (almost everyone will have) multiple TLD's Packages on the same "Group", and we have enable the option for client "Upgrade/Downgrade", "Change Packages", Clients can Change the "TLD", and this cannot happen I propose for now a Quick fix to disable on Type "Domain" the option on Client Area to "Change Package", for later on, on the new Domain System you can implement a final solution Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Guys, We have released a new version of our Tasty InterWorx Module, it have been completely re-written, we've also made some improvements to the client UI, and most important as many clients requested it, we've built an Importing script, which allows you to import your existing services from using the Blesta's default InterWorx module to use our module. Pricing: The price now is $44.99 / was $69.99, and 10 days money back guarantee is offered. Screen Shots: - Account Usage - Email Accounts - Install Web Applications (Softaculous Integration) What's Included: - 1 Year of updates. - 1 Year of support. Have a question or need more information: Send a ticket to our sales department.
  4. http://www.billingbrawl.com/ Blesta vs WHMCS. I think we know who is going to win. Start with Round 1 and work your way up the page. What do you think? Favorite lines? Too harsh? Funny?
  5. Hi, I am right now using WHMCS and I want to move to Blesta becuase it has open source and I need some modifcations doing which I cannot do in WHMCS. I had also installed the trial version which is going to expire very soon. I just want to know how do I setup Blesta so my clients can register, order domains / hostings by themselves ? Right now all I see is a login page and no reg. link, no order nothing. In WHMCS its all very easy. How do I setup blesta ? I am using Resellerclub for domains, cPanel for hosting and Paypal and 2Checkout for payments. Thanks.
  6. Just to say, great work on Blesta.com new website A few minutes I went in my Samsung S4 and had a nice suprise in www.blesta.com Keepit up the good work
  7. It's looking like the beta will be starting next week as we have a few things left to do to wrap up 3.2. If you're a direct customer, you will be able to participate in the beta as soon as it starts. 3.2 will have a total of 5 order templates you can select from, including. - Standard (The order form shipped with Blesta 3.0-3.1, converted to Bootstrap) - Ajax Boxes - Ajax Slider - Wizard Boxes - Wizard Slider The new ajax order forms are essentially a one-page order form (for the most part) and come in two package selection options, boxes and a slider. The new wizard order forms are essentially the ajax order form as a multi-step, and it support both the boxes and slider package selection options. The overall designs are basically the same. Here's a screenshot of the ajax boxes, and ajax slider order forms. We look forward to your feedback, especially during the beta. We want these new order forms not only to look great, but to work great too. IP Board scaled down the full size screenshots for some reason, so they appear a little blurry. They are smaller than the maximum size allowed, so not sure why it's doing that.
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