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Found 22 results

  1. At Blesta we want to be developer friendly. We put strong emphasis on open code, clear comments, logical file structure, and a powerful API to try to give developers as much power, flexibility, and clarity as possible. However, I've noticed in recent times that the learning curve can be a bit steep for developers getting started with Blesta. In addition we've seen comments saying that development can take a significant amount of time and people may get burned out or give up. That being said, we'd love to hear from the Blesta developer community or those interested in joining us. Wh
  2. Hi, new to Blesta. How do I go about replicating the 'Record Payment' process for an invoice via API calls?
  3. Hi, I'm new to Blesta. How do I format my API query to search for a specific invoice by id? I've searched the API and source docs but couldn't find anything. e.g. I can find invoice #104028 using: curl --request GET https://mydomain.com/api/invoices/search.json?query=104028&page=1 But if invoice #104028 is referenced in another invoice's line items it will appear in the search results.
  4. I'm trying to find a way to retrieve the client_id of a client via the API using only the clients id_value/id_code (Client ID displayed in the client dashboard) as a source. Is there a way to achieve this? I'm attempting to add client transactions via the API where the client id_value, amount, and currency are the only data provided.
  5. Can the API accept a JSON encoded request body? For add/create requests?
  6. I setup API with un: 123 key: ec844ceefaff1d1f2d230ed1ce5b2631 It doesn't seem to be working: [[email protected] ~]# curl -k https://katy.com/billing/api/invoices/add.json -u 123:ec844ceefaff1d1f2d230ed1ce5b2631 -d 'vars[client_id]=1' -d 'vars[date_billed]=2013-11-20T16:43:00-07:00' -d 'vars[date_due]=2013-11-20T16:43:00-07:00' -d 'vars[currency]=USD'[B {"message":"The authorization details given appear to be invalid.","errors":{"user":{"valid":"The API user or key appears to be invalid."}},"response":null}[[email protected] ~]# Where did I go wrong? After posting this note I delete API user
  7. The API document provides this example for adding invoices, how do I add clients via curl / API? curl https://yourdomain.com/installpath/api/invoices/add.json -u username:key -d 'vars[client_id]=1' -d 'vars[date_billed]=2013-11-20T16:43:00-07:00' -d 'vars[date_due]=2013-11-20T16:43:00-07:00' -d 'vars[currency]=USD' -d 'vars[lines][0][description]=Line item #1' -d 'vars[lines][0][amount]=5.99' -d 'vars[lines][1][description]=Line item #2' -d 'vars[lines][1][amount]=3.75' -d 'vars[lines][1][qty]=2' -d 'vars[delivery][0]=email'
  8. Hello to all, At this time I'm using the Namecheap module to resell web domains. I need to create a new module for a manager (https://www.ovh.it/domini/) that is not in the list. How can I do? Help me solve this problem? Thank you very much, Yours sincerely
  9. Hi. When I try to call the Packages\Edit function through the API, it fails with the following error: { "response": null, "error": { "name": { "empty": "Please enter a package name." }, "email_content[0][lang]": { "empty": "Please enter a language." }, "pricing[0][currency]": { "format": "Currency code must be 3 characters." } } } Here's my code which calls the API: public function deactivatePackage($id = null) { global $blestaapi; $response = $blestaapi->put(
  10. Hi There, I'm trying to generate an invoice using the API. I have included the contents of my 'vars' parameter that is sent to the API. The response i'm getting is just {"message":"The format requested is not supported by the server.","response":null} Is it something simple i'm missing here? Setting an option when I shouldn't be? The docs at http://source-docs.blesta.com/class-Invoices.html do not specify which options are optional on the invoice ( they do for lines of the invoice ) so I wasn't sure which ones were required. Does the invoice term need to match the service t
  11. How does one place an order just by interacting with the API rather than the order form? I'd like to replicate all the actions that would occur when using the order form. New users can be created with the User model, but what needs to be done to ensure that a new service is created and invoiced? A new service could be created via Services->Add. This can even notify the user that the service has been created. Will it create the initial invoice as well, and activate the service once that invoice has been paid, or does the order plugin need to be used for all of that to happen? The o
  12. gmecsol

    Domainbox Module

    Hi, Can any one guide me about how to set up a domainbox module to resell domainbox products to my customers as i looked and read all the documentation from them but i can't do that. If any one can do that for me kindly quote that as well for me
  13. On the `currencies.php` model there is a method `toDecimal` which is labeled as the "precision" of a currency. As I understand it the intention is to turn a float similar to "12.622222" into "12.62". The functionality it actually provides is via the AppModel->truncateDecimal method which is a `minimum` precision as per the documentation. This leads to raw pricing data without truncated precision as per the currency's database configuration. For example USD pricing will result in: { "id": "1", "pricing_id": "1", "package_id": "1", "term": "1", "period": "month"
  14. I need import from other database my customers list to clients in blesta, but i want do it from API, how can i do it? (I'm sorry, but I know a little english)
  15. Hello, I am using Blesta 3.6.1 and Stripe gateway to process credit card payments. FROM BLESTA ============ Stripe (ver 1.3.1) Author: Phillips Data, Inc. FROM STRIPE =========== API VERSION: 2015-07-28 Should I upgrade to the latest STRIPE API version? Is Blesta compatible with it? I am asking because today I could not complete an AMEX transaction which BLESTA displayed the error below despite of having the right information. The zip code you supplied failed validation. Then, I used BrainTree gateway via their control panel to run the transaction and it
  16. Hey Blesta (users), Is there any Customer API available, where they are able to place orders, products and so on? As I see the API build in Blesta isn't for customers, or is that wrong? Thanks, Wouter
  17. Now i build a new user center base on blesta api.Simplifying a number of steps. In this site user can view invoices, so, how can i make this go to payment url? instead of redevelopment. my english is poor,May be expressed is not clear. thanks you.
  18. Hi All, I'm having a few issues when setting up the Multicraft module in Blesta. I'm running Multicraft 2.0.0 and Daemon 1.8.4. I can create servers manually in Multicraft but when I use the module in Blesta it doesn't auto create. Even when manually activating the service via Blesta I get the error below. An internal error occurred, or the server did not respond to the request. The API is enabled in Multicraft and I believe I've followed the instructions on the Blesta website for inputting the API information and setting everything up. Im really at a loss as to why this isn't
  19. resolvent : $reply_data = array( 'ticket_id'=>9, 'vars' => array( 'ticket_id'=>9, 'staff_id' => null, // the reply is from this staff user 'client_id' => 2, // the reply is from this client user 'contact_id' => null, // the reply is from this client contact user 'type' => "reply", // this is a ticket reply 'details' => "API reply", // the ticket reply description 'status' => "open", // status of the ticket 'staff_id' => null, // the staff user the ticket is assigned to ), 'files' =&g
  20. Hey all, Im in need of a new module making so that i can sell domains via blesta with my webhost. Unfortunately they are using whmcs and have only developed a module for that and after waiting a while for them to develop something they have kinda turned round and said sorry we are too busy at the moment to put enough resources into this They have an api and details on how the structure works with their system. I have api access but php really isnt my strong point, you can see my other post about this here http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4376-connecting-blesta-to-w
  21. Hi guys, DigitalOcean would be a better alternative to VPS.net for a lot of us. They have an API so this would be a great module: https://developers.digitalocean.com/
  22. Good day, I was wondering about official Plesk 12 support in Blesta. When I add a server in Blesta and select Plesk 11.5, it seems to work. So the API seems to be compatible. The API documentation says: Every version of Plesk supports several versions of XML API that were released with and before this version of Plesk. For instance, Plesk 11.0 supports version of XML API, and it is also compatible with versions and earlier. It might still be worth a look to see what they actually changed and make version 12 officially supported. http://download1.parallels.com/Plesk
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