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Found 17 results

  1. Ticket Overview Provide your staff and clients with a quick overview of their tickets. --------------------------------------- Links: More Info, Gallery & Readme: https://code-cats.com/blesta/ticketoverview/ Purchase: https://my.code-cats.com/order/config/index/blesta_plugins/?group_id=16&pricing_id=171 Download (After purchase, requires login): https://my.code-cats.com/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/9/ --------------------------------------- Install the Plugin 1. Upload the source code to a /plugins/announcements/ directory within your Blesta installation path. For example: /var/www/html/blesta/plugins/ticket_overview/ 3. Log in to your admin Blesta account and navigate to > Settings > Plugins 4. Find the Ticket Overview plugin and click the "Install" button to install it 5. You're done! --------------------------------------- Setting up Client Widget will be enabled by default, as well as the Staff Widget - However the Staff Widget has to be manually added to your dashboard. To do so, follow these steps: Go to "Home" On the left side, click "Manage Widgets" Drag "Ticket Overview" to the left side Close "Manage Widgets" window Quick Support I want to disable the Staff/Client Widget, how to do so? To disable one of the widgets, or both, you need to go into plugin "Settings" To do so, follow these steps: On the admin side, top right go to "Settings" Go to "Plugins" Find "Ticket Overview" and click "Settings" Go to "Actions" tab Disable/Enabled the widgets that you want Click "Update Settings" --------------------------------------- Images:
  2. Ticket On Purchase Create a new ticket on new purchase of a package to easily manage manual deployment and client communication. --------------------------------------- Links: More Info, Gallery & Readme: https://code-cats.com/blesta/ticketpurchase/ Purchase: https://my.code-cats.com/order/config/index/blesta_plugins/?group_id=16&pricing_id=234 Download (After purchase, requires login): https://my.code-cats.com/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/15/ --------------------------------------- Install the Plugin 1. Upload the source code to a /plugins/ticket_on_purchase/ directory within your Blesta installation path. For example: /var/www/html/blesta/plugins/ticket_on_purchase/ 3. Log in to your admin Blesta account and navigate to > Settings > Plugins 4. Find the Ticket On Purchase plugin and click the "Install" button to install it 5. You're done! --------------------------------------- Images:
  3. Provision Instantly Instantly provision services, saving your clients the 5 minute cron job wait. With this plugin, your clients won't have to wait for cron to run and provision their services, which can take up to 5 minutes - Instead, provision them instantly, once they complete their payment. --------------------------------------- Links: More Info, Gallery & Readme: https://code-cats.com/blesta/instant/ Purchase: https://my.code-cats.com/order/config/index/blesta_plugins/?group_id=16&pricing_id=233 Download (After purchase, requires login): https://my.code-cats.com/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/7/ --------------------------------------- IMPORTANT BEFORE USE! TO PREVENT RACE CONDITIONS AND SIMILAR PROBLEMS, DISABLE "Provision Paid Pending Services" CRON FOUND AT /admin/settings/company/automation/ --------------------------------------- Install the Plugin 1. Upload the source code to a /plugins/provision_instantly/ directory within your Blesta installation path. For example: /var/www/html/blesta/plugins/provision_instantly/ 3. Log in to your admin Blesta account and navigate to > Settings > Plugins 4. Find the Provision Instantly plugin and click the "Install" button to install it 5. You're done!
  4. FraudRecord Query Query client validity and trust via FraudRecord inside of Blesta. --------------------------------------- Links: More Info, Gallery & Readme: https://code-cats.com/blesta/fraudrecord/ Purchase: https://my.code-cats.com/order/config/index/blesta_plugins/?group_id=16&pricing_id=230 Download (After purchase, requires login): https://my.code-cats.com/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/13/ --------------------------------------- Install the Plugin 1. Upload the source code to a /plugins/fraudrecord_query/ directory within your Blesta installation path. For example: /var/www/html/blesta/plugins/fraudrecord_query/ 3. Log in to your admin Blesta account and navigate to > Settings > Plugins 4. Find the FraudRecord Query plugin and click the "Install" button to install it 5. You're done! --------------------------------------- Images:
  5. Hello, Not long time ago i was move to Blesta. So i will like to hear someone experence how do you connect cpanel resellers with Blesta? I allredy have created resellers that neeed to be import in to Besta. This is tutorial that i follow: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/cPanel#cPanel-ImportingcPanelAccount After i complete process there is log in button in Blesta, but if i click log in, it will log in to cpanel, i will like to get log in to WHM. Is there any custom solution for this? So we can have WHM button that will log in us to whm? Hostbill have this option for custom links: http://prntscr.com/r4frr9 http://prntscr.com/r4fs3x http://prntscr.com/r4fs7q Regards Boris
  6. Requirements: 3.2.0 b3 I was thinking Dark colours might look good, so I did the Blue and Black one, I've done a nice Client area one too so it's perfect if you have a dark layout. Admin Area Previews: Client Area Previews: Download Link: http://license.club/blesta/BlestaDark.zip
  7. I have been using Blesta for many years (I've been storing up my feature requests for years too - sorry!) and I know that this topic comes up from time to time, however, I would like to give what I believe is a strong case as to why it should be allowed to delete clients. Firstly, I realise that it is not possible to delete clients if they have an invoice or service attached and I believe that the reason for this is for accounting purposes in particular geographic locations (one of them being the UK it would seem). However, in the UK we also need to comply with Data Protection laws. This says that we must not retain personal data for longer than necessary. See here: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/principle-5-retention/ According to the above page, we are allowed to retain the data if required for tax returns and this will not be considered to be retained for longer than necessary. So far so good...but according to my research, HMRC says that you only need to keep your business income records (including sales invoices) for 5 years after the submission of the tax return: https://www.gov.uk/self-employed-records/how-long-to-keep-your-records Therefore, my feeling is that UK businesses should be removing the client records after 5 years of them ceasing the relationship with the business, thereby complying with the data protection act that says that you must not retain personal data for longer than necessary. This is how I interpret the law and in my opinion this makes a much stronger argument for the necessity to be able to fully delete client records from Blesta. Also submitted to: https://requests.blesta.com/topic/delete-client-for-data-protection-reasons (posted here for awareness)
  8. Hey everyone, I need some help here. I have no idea what happened? I haven't touched the database/pdt files. Yet for some odd reason, some clients have service widgets showing and some do not. All clients have services bound to them, I can see the widget if I type in the URL with "[website]/admin/clients/services/[client_id]/" but if I go back to the normal URL "[website]/admin/clients/view/[client_id]/", the service widget is missing. I've asked a client to check on his own client dashboard and he is missing the service widget as well. Can someone point me in the right direction? Regards.
  9. If you have a number of clients, it would be nice to be able to sort by first_name or last_name when looking for a client. If I manually edit the url to: /admin/clients/index/active/?sort=last_name&order=asc the client list is sorted by last name, so it seems like this would be an "easy" change. I am populating the company field with last_name, first_name; it would be better if we had two columns.
  10. Hi All I'm wondering if anybody else if having the same issue i am or maybe I have something set wrong somewhere When i click create on the create client page the page then sits there saying loading, however after about 30secs it then redirects to the client page and says created And on a few other pages I have the same issue where it seems to wait 30secs then does what it needs to do? Ubuntu 16.04 Apache 2.4 PHP 7.1 Mysql 5.7 Blesta 4.2.0 Thank you for the help Regards Simon
  11. Hi I'm searching for solution where I can offer link to the client that he can upgrade his hosting plan. I'm promoting upgrade for my clients in newsletter and I want to offer direct link where they can chose what hosting plan they want to use. How did you solve this problem, is it possible to provide direct link for upgrade that client can click on it and then choose what plan he want to use and process is using cart?
  12. Hello , I'm working on integration of my current system with blesta and I have issue with importing clients to blesta. Can you tell me when I manually import user (only user not package or any additional informations) what database tables I need to fill. For now I find this tables: clients users But I think that I'm missing few tables
  13. Hi Dev Team, Since I am new to Blesta I started testing the v3.6.2 for two reasons. 1) I wanted to get it customized for our business 2) Check bugs/security if any. I started testing Blesta on a localhost (laptop) with a trial license. To my surprise I found that two clients can be created from Blesta Admin Panel with the same (identical) email address. I tested this with client's other data different from one another but the email address. This is not acceptable. It should NOT be like that. Can someone from Dev Team explain this to me? Thank you in advance. P.S. I can check this myself. Would appreciate if Dev can pm me the names of the files related to Admin Creating a Client, as I am busy at the mom and don't have time to study all coding in Blesta. Thanks again.
  14. Hi! I'm having trouble with the client login page. For some reason, no matter what I input in the client page, it only returns "The form token is invalid.". The admin page is working fine tho. Things I've tried Reinstalled 3.6.2 and 3.6.1 Configure::errorReporting(-1); - No idea where to see the logs Configure::set("System.debug", true); - No idea where to see the logs Configure::set("Blesta.verify_csrf_token", false); - Works, but I rather have CSRF enabled Current settings are cPanel using Softaculous to install Blesta. Has anyone encountered this error? Or can anyone kindly tell me how can I find out what's causing this?
  15. I need import from other database my customers list to clients in blesta, but i want do it from API, how can i do it? (I'm sorry, but I know a little english)
  16. Hi Everyone is me James from Jass Design Group, this time coming with a new clean design for the Login screen of blesta. A total new design careful code in CSS to give a great look to the login screen of your blesta installation. You will love it. I am going to release the files in 3 days from now. Tested with the latest version of blesta and works without any problem. No changes made to any of blesta css just a few line of new css add to the style.css file. Here is a live preview of the theme where you can take a look of it. http://ihost.com.co/blesta/client/login/ Please give me your feedback I appreciate it. James Alvin Jass Design Group
  17. Hi, Is it possible to give each client access to their own "Downloads" after they log in? I want to add separate PDF reports for each client, but not have my other clients see reports that aren't theirs. This would be a major feature for me. Is this already a feature? Is it possible? What should I do? ****I love Blesta!**** Thank you, Clare
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