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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, Not long time ago i was move to Blesta. So i will like to hear someone experence how do you connect cpanel resellers with Blesta? I allredy have created resellers that neeed to be import in to Besta. This is tutorial that i follow: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/cPanel#cPanel-ImportingcPanelAccount After i complete process there is log in button in Blesta, but if i click log in, it will log in to cpanel, i will like to get log in to WHM. Is there any custom solution for this? So we can have WHM button that will log in us to whm? Hostbill have this option for custom links: http://prntscr.com/r4frr9 http://prntscr.com/r4fs3x http://prntscr.com/r4fs7q Regards Boris
  2. Hi, I've started using the cPanel Extended Module, it works great, had a lot of problems but I managed to solve them all except for one. The problem is in the order form which is Domain + Hosting. When checking the Domain Name under "Configurable Options" the domain doesn't appear as it does with the normal cPanel module: Most of the problems I solved in this module where due to people that had those problems in the past with the normal cPanel module. What I can't find is the specific code where the domain variable is saved. I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks.
  3. Trax

    Disable Package

    Hi, So one of my servers went down today so i wanted to disable the hosting package to stop any orders being place but was faced with and issue when i went to save it? Any other way to disable the the hosting package?
  4. Hi, Is there away to remove/disable the cPanel login link from inside the client area that is shown under active services when the client clicks the service the link is then shown? Thanks!
  5. Even if I try to make a package, the Cpanel module is not displayed . Setting -> modules -> cpanel configured servers and server group. why?
  6. Hi All, I have setup Blesta and also added the Cpanel Module where I entered the login and the Token or remote key. Is there anything else I need to do for Blesta to send the Cpanel details to clients after they have ordered or do I need to do any more steps? Thanks
  7. Hello, I created a cPanel service the other week and let Blesta generate the password for the cPanel account - No issues. However, when Blesta is now trying to create a cPanel service and it is generating the password, I am now receiving an error response from the cPanel server, stating that the password does not meet a strength of 90. I spoke to my server host about this and they have not altered the complexity requirement. They double checked and they have a password that the other week was a password of 90 strength, now the password is registering a strength of 75. We mutually concluded that cPanel must have changed the algorithm used to calculate passed strengths. Some digging of the cPanel change log shows: It has obviously just taken a while for the release with this change in it to filter out. My thread here serves a few purposes: 1. To make the Blesta team aware of this change and potential bug (I therefore felt that the bugs forum was the best place for this topic, although I was unsure) 2. See if anyone else is experiencing the same 3. To gain instruction on how exactly to increase the complexity of the passwords that Blesta generates. On point 3, I have opened file components/modules/cpanel/cpanel.php and I find, which starts at line 1667 in v4: /** * Generates a password * * @param int $min_length The minimum character length for the password (5 or larger) * @param int $max_length The maximum character length for the password (14 or fewer) * @return string The generated password */ private function generatePassword($min_length = 10, $max_length = 14) { $pool = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789!@#$%^&*()'; $pool_size = strlen($pool); $length = mt_rand(max($min_length, 5), min($max_length, 14)); $password = ''; for ($i=0; $i<$length; $i++) { $password .= substr($pool, mt_rand(0, $pool_size-1), 1); } return $password; } I can see from previous examples of passwords that Blesta generates, that Blesta does not incorporate capital (uppercase) letters. I can now see this from the above code. To increase the complexity of the passwords that Blesta generates, I feel that it is just a case of adding capital letters. To do this, please could someone tell me; is it just a case of adding in the capital letters into the $pool line? Please could someone also tell me; which part of the code controls how long the password will be? (to increase its complexity) Thank you very much.
  8. After cPanel version 64 they have disable the remote key access and encourage to use API key as Blesta cPanel module ask for RAK I have enabled it agian in cpanel but when I try to Add cPanel server using the module I got: "A connection to the server could not be established. Please check to ensure that the Hostname, User Name, and Remote Key are correct." Somebody had this issue before?
  9. STEP 1 - Go to Admin --> Support --> Departments --> Edit --> Piping configuration text field There is a sample line of code that is generated ... /usr/bin/php /home/username/support.mywebsitename.com/sub_folder/plugins/support_manager/pipe.php plugin/support_manager/ticket_pipe/index/1/ Use /usr/local/bin/php instead of /usr/bin/php STEP 2 - Open up C-Panel and go to "Global Email Filter" 1) - Give it a title 2) - Use " to " and " contains " from the dropdown menu 3) - Insert your email address ( the one you are using for the "Departments" within Blesta ) 4) - Go to " Actions " and choose " Pipe to a Program " 5) - Use the following sample path ( modify as needed per your Blesta installation location ) /usr/local/bin/php /home/username/support.mywebsitename.com/sub_folder/plugins/support_manager/pipe.php plugin/support_manager/ticket_pipe/index/1/ 6) - Open up your FTP program, go to " /plugins/support_manger " and give the " pipe.php " file a permission of 755 7) - All done ! =========================== Now the emails from generic email providers ( yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol ) get piped into my support ticket system. =========================== STEP 3 - ADDITIONALLY, you can setup the "Mobile Emails" within Blesta and C-Panel, so that the tickets will get sent as "Text Alerts" to your phone. See Mobile Ticket ( SMS Text Alert ) setup instructions at.. ========================== Hope This Helps.
  10. Greetings, I'm thinking on using Blesta to sell hosting plans with specific features in my VPS. For now, I have 2 problems with Blesta: - The featured package is a subdomain, not a domain. Can someone tell me if it's possible to implement this changing some Blesta line code? I just need to know where it is... - I need to install a software package in the user space IF the payment is successful. Where exactly do I run this? I think I found this one, in the function addService in the cpanel module script. It just takes a line to do this installation. Any help would be apreciated. Kind regards, Kepler
  11. Hello, I am having some issues with piping on a new installation on a cPanel server - based on the logs, test messages appear to be piping correctly. PHP Version 7.0.19, it's a secondary installed so the proper shebang (#!/opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/php -q) was added to pipe.php, also pipe.php is 777. Any ideas? All looks good yet no tickets are being opened in Blesta. Thanks, Mark Delivery Event Details Event: success Sender User: -remote- Sender Domain: Sender: myemail@gmail.com Sent Time: May 21, 2017 6:42:18 PM Sender Host: mail-yw0-f173.google.com Sender IP: Authentication: localdelivery Recipient: support@hostingdomain.com Delivered To: |/home/hostingdomain/public_html/my/plugins/support_manager/pipe.php Delivery User: hostingdomain Delivery Domain: hostingdomain.com Router: virtual_aliases_nostar Transport: virtual_address_pipe Out Time: May 21, 2017 6:42:18 PM ID: 1dCcMr-0004zn-F9 Delivery Host: localhost Delivery IP: Size: 2.43 KB Result: Accepted
  12. Hey guys! I just signed up for a Trial of Blesta, and let me say, I really love how I can customize it. Just now requesting a plugin for WHMSonic, as WHMCS had that...and it was so much easier to manage clients account with. I've been talking to Paul about it... I'm hoping we can get it before my trial expires, although I'm planning on still purchasing Blesta anyways! Thanks and God Bless. I love the support guys
  13. Not everyone will know to click on the web name to open the toggled box that contains the “Login” link. 1) - How do we keep this area open without having to click the interface ? 2) - Or is there a way to add the C-Panel " login " link within the C-Panel " Manage " interface ?
  14. So I've tried googling but most comparisons are out of date about which hosting panel is the best. I currently use cpanel cause that's what my provider gave me. ive been thinking about bringing it all into my owned server to take back control and know where mine and my clients data is stored and trying towork out what best to use? So between cpanel, intraworx, direct admin and parallels let me know your reason behind your choice too cheers!
  15. ok i have a small problem not sure if i need to set something up in the webhost manager or in blesta but when i do a test run on setting up a reseller account it sets it up but it dose not set any of the Account Creation Limits how do i fix this should i go to cpanel and ask? henry
  16. the 'Log In' link at services list just open new tab, not open cpanel login page tested using cpanel 11.58
  17. Hi, really interested with blesta, reasonable price but rich features i was running two hosting business before, - 'closed-market' hosting for my relatives and family using kloxomr as hosting control panel and no billing system - regular hosting service for everyone using cpanel and boxbilling i want to move both my business to blesta (currently i'm using trial version of blesta since last night), but i found some problems here 1. how to move my existing clients from boxbilling to blesta? can't find any modules/plugins. i found that blesta has import manager plugin but only for whmcs 5.2 and blesta 2.5, not from boxbilling 2. how to sync my existing clients in cpanel? i tried to create the same username, same domain, same email and same package but blesta couldn't sync existing account. i had to delete existing account from cpanel and re-create from blesta. is there any simple method? 3. where is kloxo/lxadmin module? i found this thread from old lxadmin forum, http://forum.lxcenter.org/index.php?t=msg&th=14144& it shows blesta kloxo integration module but i cant find it in available modules page thanks
  18. Hi, I have run across a problem when working with the cPanel module using Blesta 3.6, cPanel mod 2.3.0 and PHP version 5.4, I have error reporting on. Module: cPanel (Ver 2.3.0) Steps to reproduce: 1) add 2 cpanel servers with the cPanel module 2) add cPanel service to a customer 3) under customer 'manage' the new cPanel service. 4) change 'Server' setting to another server under Service Information. Error Given: Undefined index: coupon_code on line 3938 in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/app/controllers/admin_clients.php Fix: Use isset. On line 3938, I'm sure the below could be written better but it works. if (isset($this->post['coupon_code'])) { $data['coupon_id'] = $this->getCouponId($this->post['coupon_code']); } else { $data['coupon_id'] = null; } I would love to hear back if this above fix may cause problems with the coupon code by setting it to null, the whole else part could be removed it's just habit for me to set to null if it's hit an undefined index error, as it may happen in other parts of the code for the same var. Thanks, Daniel.
  19. Hi there, How can I import my existing clients with their details from WHM into Blesta clients list? Thanks
  20. Good day folks, Wonder if you could help me out with this. Account creation in administration section (no invoice generated) gets this message, "An internal error occurred, or the server did not respond to the request." but account gets created in cPanel. There is of course no creation email or any active service from Blesta since error occurred. Any idea what the problem is? Thank you.
  21. Would I just make a coupon and then buy a package and see if an account is created in WHM? Any suggestions on troubleshooting or recommendations on issues to watch out for?
  22. I have same problem like http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1859-cpanel-module-not-importing-whmcpanel-packahes/ I've made ​​a package in WHM cPanel When i try to add a package, In Module options, there's no cPanel packages. Server Information (I'm reseller from other web hosting provider) = Apache version 2.2.27 PHP version 5.3.28 MySQL version 5.1.73-cll Architecture x86_64 Operating system : Linux I use "trial version" on my blesta (Ver 3.2.0) and will buy monthly licenses later when my blesta already work well... Please help. Thank You
  23. Hello I'm Brandon Hopkins, I just have a quick question for you guys. I noticed when testing creating an account and purchasing a hosting package everything worked very smoothing and I'm loving this billing client. Just one thing, I had to go in as an administrator and approve the account. Just clicked a button and it worked. But, what I need to know how to do is skip that. I want to so once people get a package it automatically approves it after payment and send the email with the account info. Thanks for your time! Services I use: WHM, cPanel, Stripe.
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