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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. I see that clients can make payments, referred to no particular invoice, and the related sum is managed by Blesta as "credit", that the user can use to pay invoices. But what about the invoice issuing of these payments? In many countries, a company needs to issue an invoice whenever it receive a payment... even if the payment is no referred to any particular selling operation, and is available for future payments. So, some kind of invoice issuing for this kind of operation should be provided in Blesta (and maybe it's yet somehow possible, but just I have not yet understood how to do it...)
  2. Hello, yes I am back with another question. While its not a large concern, it is something I noticed and wondering if it was caused by something I did. When people checkout with PayPal it works perfectly fine however, when they use subscription it doesn't. When paying via a subscription method, it applies the money sent as credit to the account, you then need to login and apply the credit to the invoice.
  3. Credit notes have been requested for Blesta, as a means of VAT compliance. Credit notes are issued when an adjustment has to be made to an invoice. Credit notes do not have to be issued for pro forma invoices. The rules for credit notes can be found at http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/vat/guide/credit-notes.html#section8 and are copied below: The credit note must show: the date of issue of the note, a number, which uniquely identifies the note, the full name, address and VAT registration number of the person issuing the note, the full name, address and VAT registration number of the person to whom the note is being issued, in the case of a supply to a person who is registered for value-added tax in another EU Member State, the person’s VAT identification number in that Member State, the reason why the note is being issued and a cross-reference to the invoice which was issued for the supply in respect of which the consideration was reduced, the amount of the consideration, exclusive of tax, in respect of which the note is being issued, and the rate or rates of tax in force when the related invoice was issued and the amount of tax at each rate as appropriate to the consideration shown on the note (other than where the reverse charge applied on the transaction). If you are in an EU country where credit notes are required, we would love your feedback. Is the above list accurate? How should credit notes be accessed? Should they be appended to the invoice as additional pages in the PDF with the required information listed? Should Credit Notes be visible to staff only, or staff and clients? How should you, as a staff member, create a credit note in Blesta? (Please outline your desired process for this) Thanks! EDIT: The task for this is described in CORE-1277
  4. I sell a monthly service and invoices are sent monthly automatically. However I have a client that wanted to pay for 12 months up front. I want to keep the service running (even though there is no effective module doing anything), but I'd like to show a credit, and a 0 owing invoice sent each month. What would be the steps to accomplish this?
  5. There are two cases that we need to issue a credit invoice to customer. One to cancel a previously been issued invoice and the other just to create a credit note. A credit should be the same as the invoice including quantity, unit cost, tax option. The only difference is that it counts negative on customer balance. Lets say we have charged the customer for 1 Year Domain name and 1 Year web hosting. We have already sent the invoice to customer and already sent the invoice to the TAX Authority. For legal purposes we cannot cancel that invoice unless we issue a credit with the same data and also the VAT. A payment or an in-house credit is not correct because we need to claim the VAT back. The ideal would be to press a button and marked the invoice as revered and automatically issue the credit invoice with the same data as the invoice. This would be one option. The other option is to create a completely new invoice. Normally you need to credit part of or all the invoice. See attached a sample screenshot for the Credit
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