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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am getting duplicate currency codes in my order form and can't seem to figure out why. Any ideas? On my order page, I am using the Wizard List but it seems to do this which ever option I use. To see what I am talking about, go to https://blesta.manzwebdesigns.us/order Thanks, Bud
  2. On the `currencies.php` model there is a method `toDecimal` which is labeled as the "precision" of a currency. As I understand it the intention is to turn a float similar to "12.622222" into "12.62". The functionality it actually provides is via the AppModel->truncateDecimal method which is a `minimum` precision as per the documentation. This leads to raw pricing data without truncated precision as per the currency's database configuration. For example USD pricing will result in: { "id": "1", "pricing_id": "1", "package_id": "1", "term": "1", "period": "month", "price": "10.00", "setup_fee": "0.00", "cancel_fee": "0.00", "currency": "USD" } but pricing for GBP is { "id": "1", "pricing_id": "1", "package_id": "1", "term": "1", "period": "month", "price": "6.9834", "setup_fee": "0.00", "cancel_fee": "0.00", "currency": "GBP" } I believe the frontend or view layer of Blesta is obfuscating this minor problem from being apparent. It's a significant issue for identifying the accurate pricing when the Blesta API is being consumed directly.
  3. Hi, I ran into a similar problem some time ago and ended up having to not use multi currency and manually defining packages in each currency. Now After watching http://www.blesta.com/2012/05/04/blesta-3-0-currencies-video/ I tried to set up my packages to use multi currency. Steps: Current Setup: I set the default currency at GBP and Use Package Pricing for New Services Only ? Unchecked. Create Package: I then added a package for a domain specifying the default currency at 10.00 GBP for 1 year and saved. My understanding as per video is that if there are no other currency used then it will convert to the required one for the client. Client, New Service: I then tried adding a package to a client with EUR as default currency, but the package only shows up as GBP and does not bill in EUROS. Expected behaviour: The currency is offered and billed in the clients currency not the package currency. many thanks, Dan
  4. Hello... i'm a starter of blesta and i'm confused about the currency. My local currency is IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). And default currency is USD. So how to set-up IDR as currency? i mean, what is exchange rate? http://themoneyconverter.com/USD/IDR.aspx ( 1 USD is 12.600 IDR). How can i input the exchange rate field on IDR ? thanks..
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