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Found 7 results

  1. I'm trying to find a way to retrieve the client_id of a client via the API using only the clients id_value/id_code (Client ID displayed in the client dashboard) as a source. Is there a way to achieve this? I'm attempting to add client transactions via the API where the client id_value, amount, and currency are the only data provided.
  2. Does someone have a blesta database diagram showing primary/foreign key relations etc.? It will save me time composing one for quick reference while developing modules/plugings. Kind regards Chris
  3. Blesta: Janitor Small Blesta plugin to automate cleaning of abandoned orders, invoices, and services. Installation Download the latest release version from our releases and then simply upload the janitor folder to ~/plugins directory on your Blesta installation. How it Works: Janitor creates two cron entries which can be configured both by the cron settings and by the direct plugin settings. All of the plugin’s settings are based on the time the order was created. It may be important that you not cleanup and cancel at the same interval if you expect the orders to be marked as cancelled for any amount of time. Both cron tasks will never cleanup any orders or services which meeting the following criteria: The order’s invoice has any amount paid towards it. The order’s service is active or already cancelled. The order’s invoice is completely paid and is already closed (database: invoices.invoice_date_closed) Cron Task: Cancel Abandoned Orders This task is designed to strictly check for open orders which have never had any payments attached to them. First, the task will cancel the order and then next, it will void the invoice with a message as described in the language file. This cron task will also cancel any services attached to the order. This part of the cron intentionally leaves orders, invoices, and services in the database, in the possible event of this data being used by sales automation, etc. Cleanup Order Database This task is designed to completely delete all related database entries related to the order. It will remove the orders database entry, the order_services entry, and provides you the option to either leave the services as marked cancelled, or completely delete the service from the database via the plugins options. Only canceled services will be deleted if this option is set. If the service on this task is any other status than canceled, as set in the ‘Cancel Abandoned Orders’ cron task, it will ignore the service entirely. Download: https://github.com/nodecraft/janitor/releases Issues/feature requests: https://github.com/nodecraft/janitor/issues
  4. I just set up a fresh v4.2.0 install. The MySQL database password contains the character "$" which was stored in config/blesta.php as "\$". This made sense in older versions as the config options were surrounded by double quotes in v3.6.?, but it appears they've been changed to single quotes which led to me banging my head for a minute trying to figure out why I was only getting blank pages. <?php //... Configure::set('Blesta.database_info', [ //... 'pass' => '\$abc123', //... ] );
  5. Hello , I'm working on integration of my current system with blesta and I have issue with importing clients to blesta. Can you tell me when I manually import user (only user not package or any additional informations) what database tables I need to fill. For now I find this tables: clients users But I think that I'm missing few tables
  6. Hello, I'm not sure whether this is working as designed or something else. I noticed that the value of datetime field in the database are all in UTC thus causing whenever I do direct analysis to the database from external application, the time values are shifted. e.g. currently both my php and database timezones are set in: UTC+0700, and now is: [2016-04-16 13:00:00], but whenever I add someting (client or notes), the value in the database for date_added became [2016-04-16 06:00:00]
  7. I want to add a users table field, for example. I need to separate the user avatar. A database ,table for users add a field avatar. This value will be a url string. And i want to this can Can use model user query。
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