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Found 5 results

  1. I have setup the enom module for both the live and sandbox environments and get no issues at this time which seems to point to the ID, password and setup at enom all being correct as it fails if I intentionally enter bad data. I have then setup packages to use the module and when I try to test the order form it seems to work fine if I pick "transfer" of a non existent domain name but it obviously does not do any checks at this time but if I pick "Check Availability" it always comes back with Not Available. My PHP is very rusty but I added a couple of lines to display the Enom response and it seems to be showing that the login credentials are incorrect, if i try to display the variables I think hold the credentials, it shows both ID and password as being Null so I am either looking at the wrong thing or displaying them before they are updated. Am I doing something wrong or is there an issues with the module, I have searched everywhere for similar problems and can find nothing. I am using vesion 4.0.1 of Blesta and the module is version 2.3.1. I am getting the same result on both the live and sandbox enom setups. Thanks
  2. In v. 3.6.1, the eNom module lists an API key field, which actually should be relabeled to "Password" and changed to a password type input field on the form. The password should be masked on the Installed Modules -> Manage eNom screen. It seems like a really bad idea to have the user's eNom password in the clear like that.
  3. I migrated my data into a trial version of Blesta using the Import Manager, I have the eNom module installed and configured, I've created a package group called "domains," and I've set up a package for each TLD we need in the domains group. Now I'm trying to figure out from the documentation how to get my clients' domains set up. Most of my clients in WHMCS have at least one domain registered. They didn't make it in the migration as services, so I guess I need to set them up manually; however, I don't see any way to do it and make the next invoice coincide with when the domains are due to renew. How is that done in Blesta?
  4. The following change will prevent an error if, for some reason, Enom is only returning one nameserver, which happened me today. if ($response->status() == "OK") { $data = $response->response(); if ( isset( $data->dns ) && is_array( $data->dns ) ) { foreach ($data->dns as $ns) $vars->ns[] = $ns; } } Blesta Version 3.6.1 Enom (ver 2.2.1) File: components/modules/enom/enom.php Line: 1151
  5. Morning, I have clients requesting org.uk domains, however, org.uk domains don't seem to be supported by your ENOM module, although they are supported by Enom themselves (I've had to manually register them). This is quite urgent, at least for myself, who are losing customers or creating a bad impression due to the lack of support. Please respond as soon as possible, thank you.
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