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Found 3 results

  1. I needed my transactions in QuickBooks, I am using Stripe, so I wanted each transaction reduced by the cost of Stripe to make everything easy to reconcile. I worked a developer to put together the attached files which are placed in /exportcsv I am thrilled with the results, let me know if you have any questions. This is running on a cpanel host, I see no reason it wouldn't run on any host with rights to access the Blesta database. A couple modifications I have planned: - We use Transaction Pro Importer to pull the csv file into QuickBooks. I am thinking about using qodbc or CData's remoteconnector to make things a bit more seamless. - It should be possible to get the database connection parameters from /config/blesta.php config.php index.php Output.xlsx
  2. Here's a custom report for exporting client data that matches a specific list of comma separated package ID's. This is useful for exporting client data, and importing with the Blesta CSV importer into a new Blesta install. Does not import actual services/packages, which would have to be moved manually. To create the custom report, go to Billing > Reports, and click on the "Customize" tab, then the [+] button. 1. Give the report a name, like "Client Export from Package IDs" 2. Enter the following query into the Query text area: SELECT `contacts`.`first_name`, `contacts`.`last_name`, `contacts`.`company`, `contacts`.`title`, `contacts`.`address1`, `contacts`.`address2`, `contacts`.`city`, `contacts`.`country`, `contacts`.`state`, `contacts`.`zip`, `contacts`.`email`, `users`.`username` FROM `packages` INNER JOIN `package_pricing` ON `package_pricing`.`package_id` = `packages`.`id` INNER JOIN `services` ON `services`.`pricing_id` = `package_pricing`.`id` AND `services`.`status` = 'active' INNER JOIN `clients` ON `clients`.`id` = `services`.`client_id` INNER JOIN `users` ON `users`.`id` = `clients`.`user_id` INNER JOIN `contacts` ON `contacts`.`client_id` = `clients`.`id` AND `contacts`.`contact_type` = 'primary' WHERE `packages`.`id` IN (:package_ids) GROUP BY `clients`.`id`; 3. Create a field with a Label of "Package Ids", Name of "package_ids", Type of "Text", and Required: "Yes" 4. Save. The report will now be available under the "Generate" tab. When generating the report, enter package ids as a comma separated list (e.g. 23,24,81). NOTE! The Package ID is the internal ID, not the Package ID listed for the package listing. Hover over the Edit link, or click it to observe the actual ID of the package in the URL.
  3. I'm using Zoho Books for accounting/bookkeeping, and I need to export all my Blesta data for import into Zoho Books. Any advice on how to accomplish this?
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