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Found 18 results

  1. A new PerfectMoney gateway in now available for Blesta. This is an early release, and they are not a fan of the USA (testing has been VERY difficult) so please give it a spin and report any issues. To install, download the attached perfectmoney.zip unzip and upload the "perfectmoney" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure.
  2. Paymentwall has released a payment gateway for Blesta. You can download the gateway, and find out more about it and Paymentwall at https://www.paymentwall.com/en/documentation/Blesta/3439 Paymentwall supports many different currencies in many different countries. You can read their announcement from their blog at http://blog.paymentwall.com/en/company/news/paymentwall-added-payment-modules-for-blesta-whmcs-hostbill/
  3. Attached is a beta PayUmoney an Indian non-merchant gateway. Please give it a try and let us know if you have any issues with the gateway. To install: Unzip payumoney.zip Upload payumoney directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ Access Settings > Company > Payment Gateways > Available, and click to install & configure payumoney.zip
  4. Blesta: Stripe (plus) Gateway Forked version of the original Stripe gateway which includes updated offsite storage and ACH payments. Some of the feature/bug requests this updated gateway resolves are listed below: http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6224-latest-stripe-api-with-blesta-361/ http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6089-stripe-invoice-number-in-description/ http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5812-stripe-ach/ http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5760-stripe-error-401-when-customer-attempts-charge/ Installation Download the latest release version from https://github.com/nodecraft/stripe_plus_gateway/releases and then simply upload the stripe_plus_gateway folder to ~/components/gateways/merchant directory on your Blesta installation. Feature changes from Original Gateway This gateway has been rewritten from the original version which was distributed with Blesta. The major changes are as follows: Only creates one Stripe Customer per Client Contact, rather than one Stripe Customer per Credit Card Only supports offsite card storage, onsite storage is removed Supports ACH payments* Updated Stripe API PHP SDK to version 3.14.2 Utilizes Stripe API Version 2016-06-15 Adds API key environment selection (test vs live) Updated Currency list to Stripe Documentation Does not utilize Blesta's $client_reference_id lookup to Stripe customer ID. This can cause multiple customer accounts if the user deletes all payment methods. Uses added MySQL table stripe_plus_meta Pros: Prevents your Stripe account from having "dead" data by attaching one customer per payment source. This enhances your ability to fight fraud. Added security by preventing payment source information from being stored locally Cons: *ACH Payments by Stripe require "verification" before payments are accepted. Blesta does not provide any methods for this process to take place. You will need to manually verify the bank account with your customer until this is improved or a plugin created. Roadmap: Add ACH verification if Blesta implements methods on Gateway Download: https://github.com/nodecraft/stripe_plus_gateway Issues/feature requests: https://github.com/nodecraft/stripe_plus_gateway/issues
  5. Hopefully, This is proper forum etiquette. Whacking the dead! 2 part question: I just started using the square mod. I'm interested to know. 1) How would you set the payment option to default? The goal is to minimize the steps that the customer has to take (people are lazy and get annoyed easily) ultimately bypassing the pay/method page if possible. 2) How would you get rid of the shipping info on the square payment form (once again...people)? I want to declutter the page so it doesn't look like some mundane task.
  6. Start accepting cryptocurrencies in your Blesta store via CoinGate! During previous year, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proved to be not just a convenient way of making payments, but also an extremely valuable group of assets. Are you interested to know how your online business could benefit from digital currencies? There are plenty reasons why, and here are our favorites! Attract new customers that wish to spend their coins. The total cryptocurrency market cap has quadrupled in 2017 alone, and coin holders are very willing to spend their tokens on products online! Accepting cryptocurrency payments is cheap, easy and safe! No chargeback risks, huge intermediary fees, or country restrictions for your customers. Most importantly, setting it up takes just an hour or so, since you don’t need to fill any paperwork or sign agreements. Bitcoin gives you a sustainable competitive advantage! Every business needs some marketing tricks to be different to other players in the market. Even though the adoption of digital currencies is growing, don’t miss the chance and be at the forefront of cryptocurrency adopters in e-commerce. Okay, so how do you get started with accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? CoinGate is a company that offers a flexible and easy solution for all online merchants. Integration of our gateway is super simple, and we provide 24/7/365 support to our merchants as well as their customers who need help with making payments. The perks we offer: CoinGate is one of few companies that allows accepting not only Bitcoin, but Altcoin payments as well. This feature is integrated automatically for all of our merchants! Receive payouts in USD, EUR or Bitcoin (we cover Bitcoin transaction and SEPA transfer costs). Never worry about the technicalities of cryptocurrencies - all payments made with Altcoins are converted to Bitcoin, and paid out in Bitcoin or your currency of choice. We charge only 1% from your orders that get paid, and there are no monthly, registration or other fees. CoinGate has simplified all the procedures for the merchants. Now, you can extend your invoice expiration time and set up a desired threshold up to which partial payments are automatically accepted. We have developed free payment extensions for almost every e-commerce platform, including Blesta! Spend less than an hour to start accepting cryptocurrencies and do not hesitate to contact our support team and developers for integration assistance at https://coingate.com/contact Our plugin is already listed on Blesta marketplace - you can download it here: https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/77-Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Visit our website for setup instructions and download the Blesta module straight from GitHub: https://coingate.com/plugins/blesta
  7. A new Square gateway (alpha) is available for testing. To install, download the attached , square.zip unzip and upload the "square" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure.
  8. A new SSLCommerz gateway (alpha) is available for testing. SSLCommerz is a Bangladesh gateway for processing BDT To install, download the attached sslcommerz.zip, unzip and upload the "sslcommerz" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure. Additional notes:
  9. A new Hubtel gateway (alpha) is available for testing. Hubtel is a Ghana gateway for processing GHS To install, download the attached hubtel.zip, unzip and upload the "hubtel" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure.
  10. A new SagePay gateway is now available for Blesta. This is an early release, so please give it a spin and report any issues. The gateway is available at https://github.com/blesta/gateway-sagepay To install, download and rename the directory to sagepay and upload to ~/components/gateways/merchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure.
  11. A new Alipay non-merchant payment gateway (alpha) is available. To install, download the attached alipay.zip, unzip and upload the "alipay" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/" and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways > Available to install and configure. alipay.zip
  12. Will there be a plugin for the Billing Orchard or PayScape gateways ? http://billingorchard.com/ https://payscape.com/
  13. Hi All, Can anyone help me for developing Payment Gateway Module using WHMCS. I have developed the same & transactions are happening correctly. But problem is facing with the Callback File. Invoice status of the transaction are not updating as PAID even though transactions are successful. Also not redirecting to success or Failure page proprely. Please help me out to resolve the same. I can share the code that I'm using gor Gateway as well as Callback file.
  14. We're wanting to develop and release the Paypal In-Context Payment form for Blesta. We've already worked on both a plugin, a merchant gateway, and have extensively used the API from within Blesta. We're starting to get a fairly good grasp on how most things work, but there's still some confusion regarding non-merchant gateways, which is preventing us from simply building the new gateway: Question: Is there any support for non-webhook/payment notification gateways? For example the In-context gateway will perform the payment and guarantee a response immediately via a server-side request. It's somewhat similar to how some Credit cards work, where you effectively create a hold on the payment and then record the payment with a token provided from Paypal: Create payment token to Paypal, which includes sensative information regarding the payment's details (return URL, cancel url, etc) Build form with Paypal's Widget Javascript onto page User logs into Paypal without EVER leaving your website at all. The user also submits payment (or cancels the payment) with the popup UI. The user will be redirected to either the cancel url or the return payment url based on their action. Neither url is a notification url for internal use as the user's browser is used, rather than a webhook or IPN. When the payment was submitted by the user you MUST send a finalization request to Paypal to secure payment. This request will return the results of the payment, rather than an webhook/IPN. Paypal does not send an IPN for in-context payments. Question: Could the class NonmerchantGateway methods buildAuthorize, capture, & void methods be used? I noticed that the Payment gateway has methods as listed above, in the base NonmerchantGateway class, however they are currently registering unsupported errors rather than being blank functions. Based on other code in Blesta core it appears these methods are not yet supported. I just wanted to confirm that this is the case and see if there was any expectation to make them available.
  15. The merchant gateway Converge (formerly VirtualMerchant) is now available for Blesta, and will be included in the next release. To install, download the attached converge.zip, unzip and upload the converge directory to ~/components/gateways/merchant/ Then, follow the directions in the documentation at https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Converge converge.zip
  16. alipay intro:http://global.alipay.com gateway notify_url: http://billing.domain.com/callback/gw/1/alipay/?client_id=1 which method use to check is paid? and then change this order status?
  17. Hello, I'm currently developing a non merchant gateway for Blesta, where I can't get the following implemented: The gateway where I'm developing this for requires currencies to be activated (manually, by contract), and I'd like to check this when the user is saving the settings (in the `editSettings` function). Now: What is the best way to receive the accepted currency? I've tried to get the gateway ID but this doesn't seems to work (by overriding the `setGatewayId` function), so I was able to get the currencies through `getCurrencies` in the `Gateway Manager`. Is there any other way instead just writing a query manually like through the Gateway Manager or something? Thanks, Wouter
  18. Hi guys, I've noticed that when a client pays via PayPal there is no Blesta email confirmation sent, it's completely left to PayPal to send a receipt which feels a bit unprofessional from the client's perspective. Could this be implemented?
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