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Found 6 results

  1. Lowendhost - Official discussion thread as requested by the marketplace Link to download About It's a completely free HTML/PHP hosting template, now integrated with Blesta. It comes in 3 colors and is fully integrated with Blesta in all 3 colors. It has these pages: Homepage, Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Game Servers and Terms of Service. It's extreemly easy to edit with basic HTML knowledge. Live preview of HTML version: Green Version Preview Blue Version Preview Red Version Preview It's developed & designed by our web de
  2. Hello, Gigaion/UTuneIn is proud to release the SonicPanel billing module. This module works to create and manage radio accounts created for the SonicPanel Radio Manager. ( https://sonicpanel.com ) This module is paid and does require a license code to use. ( License code may be purchased here - "License - Blesta Module SonicPanel" ) We have switched the module to a freemium module. At this point in time all features are free with no license code needed for the free version. This is the download location for the latest SonicPanel module version: Download Here We have be
  3. Trax

    Domain + Hosting

    What is the best way if possible to set-up domain + hosting. I want to offer with domain registration a free hosting plan? So client purchases domain and gets a specific hosting plan with it?
  4. This might help a few people, you can't use PHPIDs with this at the moment. This is designed for my business but edit as you please, you can keep it the same and just edit the business name, etc. please make sure your Service Creation template only has these: Html: {package.email_html} Text: {package.email_text} Then in the welcome emails put the following: Dear {client.first_name} {client.last_name}, PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL AND PRINT IT FOR YOUR RECORDS Thank you for your order from us! Your hosting account has now been setup and this email contains all the information you wi
  5. Hi all, I still on trial account, so far everything work fine. however, i still have few doubts: 1. eg. I have an Order Form with Domain (1 Year, $0) + New Standard Plan (1 Year, $100), but this offer is only on first year, they need to pay $10(Domain) and $120(Hosting) to renew this plan on second year onward. How can i do that? i only can think of sending a new order plan to my customer, but i don't think that is a right way, because user need to choose domain name and plan all over again. I want it a simple way, like Blesta send customer with a invoice of $130, and they pay that a
  6. Guys, will some1 be so kind enough to write me down simple workflow how to setup blesta for selling hosting packages and domains. I am coming from WHMCS, so this is all a bit different in logic for me. I have created hosting packages...and i am reading this: http://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Selling+Domains but somehow i feel this is not enough information Thank you in advace
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