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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. I see that clients can make payments, referred to no particular invoice, and the related sum is managed by Blesta as "credit", that the user can use to pay invoices. But what about the invoice issuing of these payments? In many countries, a company needs to issue an invoice whenever it receive a payment... even if the payment is no referred to any particular selling operation, and is available for future payments. So, some kind of invoice issuing for this kind of operation should be provided in Blesta (and maybe it's yet somehow possible, but just I have not yet understood how to do it...)
  2. Hello! I'd like to know if there is any way out of the box to differentiate if an invoice is created by the system or a staff member via the interface. I'm building a plugin which needs to know wether the invoice that triggered an invoice.add event was created by the system or a staff member. Thanks! /Wandros
  3. Guys, easy to implement, but would help a lot of people: TWO digit year in invoice numbering -- eg. 16100986 -- {shortyear}{month}{day}{num} -- Settings > Company > Invoice Customization here is the patch (but use rather that attached one): --- ./invoices-old.php 2016-10-09 11:45:43.000000000 +0200 +++ ./app/models/invoices.php 2016-10-09 12:10:29.000000000 +0200 @@ -2383,8 +2383,8 @@ // Set the id format accordingly, also replace the {year} tag with the appropriate year, // the {month} tag with the appropriate month, and the {day} tag with the appropriate day // to ensure the id_value is calculated appropriately on a year-by-year basis - $tags = array("{year}", "{month}", "{day}"); - $replacements = array($this->Date->format("Y"), $this->Date->format("m"), $this->Date->format("d")); + $tags = array("{year}", "{shortyear}", "{month}", "{day}"); + $replacements = array($this->Date->format("Y"), $this->Date->format("y"), $this->Date->format("m"), $this->Date->format("d")); $vars['id_format'] = str_ireplace($tags, $replacements, $inv_format); // Creates subquery to calculate the next invoice ID value on the fly patch
  4. I'm having some trouble with the calculations of VAT/Sales Tax and invoice totals. For example, I have 2 line items... Line Item 1 -- Quantity 3 -- Unit Price 32.50 -- Cost 97.50 Line Item 2 -- Quantity 3 -- Unit Price 32.50 -- Cost 97.50 Subtotal: 195.00 VAT @ 23.0000%: 44.86 Total: 239.86 The subtotal is 195.00, which is correct. The sales tax on this invoice is 44.86, which is incorrect. 23% of 195.00 is 44.85, so the invoice total should be 239.85, not 239.86. The problem seems to be that the VAT/tax is being calculated on a per line basis, rounded, and then summed up. However, it should be calculated on the subtotal and then rounded. Or calculated on a per line basis, summed up, and then rounded. 23% of 97.50 is 22.425 Rounded, that becomes 22.43. 22.43 x 2 = 44.86. The rounding occurs before the addition. It should occur after the addition. Installed Version 3.6.1
  5. Hello, A pro forma invoice is a document that states a commitment on part of the seller to deliver the products or services as notified to the buyer for a specific price. It is thus not a true invoice. Therefore, for EU businesses, if an invoice is a pro forma invoice, it should include the words "This is not a VAT invoice", or "Pro forma invoices should not be treated as VAT invoices". Would it be possible to add this as a feature? To add this text below or above the Terms. Or possibly in small font underneath where it says "Pro Forma Invoice".
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