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  1. Hello Blestars Update 31-07-2019 Fixed compability with PHP 7 or above Old updates: Fixed: Bug on "TempUnlock", detected by aosoft Fixed: Whois Get/Edit fields Fixed: Renew Added: Commands TAB (for now only Renew works, later on I will finish the Transfer and Registter Command) Fixed: opemsrs default error handeling (now it uses a global var to store errors, is the quckiest way) Added: .co.uk adittional fields missed. (thanks to richwalker) Fixed: Removed GLOBAL variables, thanks to Carl Fixed: Code cleaned for better understand Added: Whois Get/Set in Admin and Client Sid
  2. NameSilo Domain Module This module is a complete solution for domain registrations and transfers through NameSilo. This module builds upon and continues the work by @NETLINK. He and I will be jointly contributing to this project and we welcome any other contributions on GitHub. An old thread related to this plugin was at https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3399-namesilo-plugin Features Domain registrations Domain transfers Supports all NameSilo-supported TLDs by dynamically listing the available ones to package creation Proper .us/.ca suppor
  3. Hi, i'm making a module, and i have a configurable option to add a extra in a service, but this add-on must be created by a support member from our side manually and i want to create a support ticket to our admin staff when this bill is full paid. How i can make this? i'm looking the "Events Handlers" https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Event+Handlers But i don't know if this events: "Services.edit" or "Invoices.edit" can be useful to this, in fact i don't know how to use this events on my module, someone have a clue?
  4. Hello, Gigaion/UTuneIn is proud to release the SonicPanel billing module. This module works to create and manage radio accounts created for the SonicPanel Radio Manager. ( https://sonicpanel.com ) This module is paid and does require a license code to use. ( License code may be purchased here - "License - Blesta Module SonicPanel" ) This is the download location for the latest SonicPanel module version: Download Here We have been actively working with the SonicPanel developers to have them add API features to get this module up and running. Currently the following ar
  5. Hello Blestars Updated InternetBS Module update 1.0.5, first Release Candidate (Updated 12-05-2015) Added: .FR Domain fields Old fixes: Added: .IT Domain fields Fix: Now domains can be renewed automatically after payment confirmation. Fix: Error on registering a Domain Fix: Error on transfering a Domain Add: Merged Blesta 3.2 changes to support bootstrap Add: Add/Edit/Remove Email Fowards (Now you and your clients can manage mail fowards) Add: PayPal donation link to the Plugin in "Settings->Modules->Internet.bs". Comming
  6. A new TeamSpeak 3 alpha module is available. To install, download the attached teamspeak.zip and unzip the file. Upload the teamspeak directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. Any bugs, comments, or suggestions, please post them below.
  7. Hello, Im creating a blesta module, the problem i have is that the module is using external API that have request rate limits. The problem i want to prevent is when running addService via the cron in case the API is rate limited and there is no response is it possible to skip the cron run, by skip i mean to skip this run and run it again on the next cron run?
  8. A new CyberPanel alpha module is available. To install, download the attached cyberpanel.zip and unzip the file. Upload the cyberpanel directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. Any comments or suggestions, please post them below. cyberpanel.zip
  9. Hi, Using the Centova Cast module, Just testing an order form as a demo client (paypal sandbox account) so developer mode is enabled in blesta. Went through the checkout process and ordered a Centova Cast account, $ 3.50 for 1 month. Created an account, used the email from the paypal sandbox account, selected paypal as payment method, Signed in as the new client and the Centova Cast account was already created and waiting, no payment made. I didn't have to login to paypal with the sandbox account to complete the payment. So it provisioned the new Centova Cast account,
  10. A new Vultr alpha module is available. To install, download the attached vultr.zip and unzip the file. Upload the vultr directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. Be sure to check out the documentation. Any comments or suggestions, please post them below. This module was sponsored by hostjane.com. Be sure to check them out.
  11. when i try update new api namesilo but it not update in module. I tried enabling error reporting on blesta config file at that time I received the following error: Something went wrong. The maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded
  12. My hosting provider has provided me the Master reseller package, here is one option WHMPHP master reseller from here i can create reseller account (WHM) for my client.But I am not getting how can I configure it in blesta so that my clients can create reseller package from order form. Is there is any module available for it? Please assist me so that I could create a order form for my reseller client.
  13. Hello,I'm getting error ...1023 Unable to get ip id by address <PUBLIC IP> from db.... with the Plesk module installed in Blesta. It seems like Blesta passes the customer information but gets stuck creating the domains etc in Plesk. I've posted on the Plesk forums too but I dont seem to be getting anywhere there. I should note that im setup on a Google Cloud Compute Engine so am NAT'd which im sure is the issue but I just can't seem to pin this one down.
  14. mukesh

    logicboxes modules

    output error: https://httpapi.com/api/customers/search.json {"recsonpage":"0","recsindb":"0"}
  15. A new early release ISPConfig module is available. To install, download the attached ispconfig.zip and unzip the file. Upload the ispconfig directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. Please give it a spin and give us your feedback! Here's a sample welcome email you can use for your Package:
  16. SolusVM Extended SolusVM Extended For Blesta lets your clients the ability to manage their virtual servers directly in your client area! Your customers will be able to reboot, shutdown, rebuild, view usage graphs, set boot order and many more! Admin Area Features: Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Server Boot/Reboot/Shutdown Server Enable TUN/TAP and PAE Enable PXE Rebuild Server Change Root Password Change Boot Order View Server Status View Graphs: Traffic, Load, Memory Configure Client Area Features Per Package Define O
  17. CubeData is proud to announce we have made a vultr provisioning module for blesta The cost is $7.00 per month for monthly license $100 for owned license with optional $25/year support/upgrades renewal if you want support/upgrades for the module(if you don't renew this you just will not get any support/upgrades/patches/etc for your module) Screenshots of the module: Order Links: https://cubedata.net/vultr Also this module has been independently reviewed by a security researcher.
  18. I would like a way to resell GoDaddy domains with Blesta. API: https://developer.godaddy.com
  19. A new Centovacast module is available, but it's an early alpha. To install, download the attached centovacast.zip and unzip the file. Upload the centovacast directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. centovacast.zip Please give it a spin and give us your feedback. Here's a sample welcome email you can use for your Package:
  20. LogicBoxes Extended LogicBoxes Extended For Blesta is a module created specially for LogicBoxes API to enable you to automate the provisioning and management of domains in your Blesta system. With its help you will be able to set up your TLDs & gTLDs with just a few clicks to start reselling them to your customers right away! Features: Edit All The Contact Information (Whois) Change Name Servers Set Forwarder Set Child Name Servers Get Authorization Code Change Authorization Code Ability To Sell Private Whois (Using Options) Automatic S
  21. A new WHMSonic module is available, but it's an early alpha. To install, download the attached whmsonic.zip and unzip the file. Upload the whmsonic directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. whmsonic.zip (UPDATED 5/12/17) Sample Email:
  22. anyone here ever create onapp reseller module for blesta? i have dediserve reseller module which based on onapp whmcs reseller module can someone 'convert' the module so it's compatible with blesta?
  23. A new Virtualmin module (alpha) is available. To install, download the attached virtualmin.zip, unzip and upload the "virtualmin" directory to ~/components/modules/ and visit Settings > Company > Modules to install and configure. Any comments or suggestions, please post in this thread! virtualmin.zip
  24. We've been asked a few times since we've sold InterWorx if we can share the module, and since we aren't accepting new orders I feel it's only fair to offer others the chance to resell InterWorx with Blesta the most advanced way if they would like to. This will be a one time fee and we will fix bugs if there is any, but we've used it for 3 years without any issues. This comes with the plugin so you can manage licenses / buy new ones / re-sell un-used licenses to new customers. The license entitles you to use this module / plugin on how many sites you own, so no reselling allowed, the code
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