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Found 11 results

  1. At Blesta we want to be developer friendly. We put strong emphasis on open code, clear comments, logical file structure, and a powerful API to try to give developers as much power, flexibility, and clarity as possible. However, I've noticed in recent times that the learning curve can be a bit steep for developers getting started with Blesta. In addition we've seen comments saying that development can take a significant amount of time and people may get burned out or give up. That being said, we'd love to hear from the Blesta developer community or those interested in joining us. What we be the most useful ways to help you get started and continue developing on the Blesta platform? These are some of the things I was considering: More clear API docs for input More clear API docs for return values Generic code templates on github for Plugins, Modules, and the various Gateway types More events for Plugin's to tie into Video tutorials (Topic Suggestions?) Some sort of large FAQ A utility/wizard for generating a stubbed out extension (Complete) Let us know if you support any of these measures or have ideas of your own on how we can help. If you don't have a solution, but have a problem that bothers you or slows you down in development, leave a comment (a nice one :P) and perhaps someone else will have a good suggestion for how we can resolve it. We are grateful to all those who support us and have shown interest in the product. It truly warms my heart to see all of those who help each other out both here on the forums and in the discord server.
  2. Hi friends, I'm in trouble with Blesta. There are a lot of problems. I'm entering the admin name and password in the php7 version makes me automatically log out. He won't let me in. I cannot view Invoice Customization and Invoices. ERROR 500 gives HTTP error. Orders stay in Pending. Auto is not activated. I've had the same problem in both centova and vesta panel. Modules, user name password port etc. true. Modules are generating incorrect passwords. I add visual to the errors I received from the modules. Thank you for your help.
  3. After cPanel version 64 they have disable the remote key access and encourage to use API key as Blesta cPanel module ask for RAK I have enabled it agian in cpanel but when I try to Add cPanel server using the module I got: "A connection to the server could not be established. Please check to ensure that the Hostname, User Name, and Remote Key are correct." Somebody had this issue before?
  4. factor50

    Module gogetssl

    Hello After several attempts of trying to install first blesta 3.6 that said the databases were wrong, but it accepted those databases later when I installed Blesta 4.0 I installed Blesta and added the module gogetssl that is connected with success, unfortunately that things doesn't show the products in the Blesta 4.0 under packages What can be the problem. Thank you
  5. Has anyone already started work on an OVH provisioning module? I searched the forums but didn't find any posts so far. I'm considering starting on one or would be willing to help collaborate with someone who already has started. Thanks everybody!
  6. Do you offer custom Blesta development services? We are planning to create a new page on our website for 3rd party custom development resources. If you'd like to be on this page, please reply to this thread and include the following: Company Name Your Logo (Attached or URL to a logo we can use) Some information about what you offer. You can include pretty much anything you want to say marketing-wise. Be sure to include what kind of development you do. For example, Themes only, or Themes and Custom Development (plugins, gateways, modules, etc). The URL to your website or other contact method Thanks!
  7. Is Blesta backwards compatible with modules from 3.6.2? Does anything need to be changed for a 3.6.2 module to work with Blesta 4?
  8. Hey everyone! We are happy to announce that ModulesGarden is now ready to accept custom software development projects for Blesta! On this occasion, we have prepared a special, time limited offer for our customers. For more details, please check out our latest Blog article. To make a long story short, if you need an extension or any kind of customization for your system, we've got you covered
  9. Hi everyone, today I received an email with some unfortunate news that ModulesBakery is going to close their business by the end of October. I don't know what this will mean for me and other customers. They are saying that they will send us the source code for the module we purchased but I am not a developer so there isn't much I can do with it. I must admit I was skeptical about buying Cpanel Extended and look what happened to them, then ModulesBakery came alone with Tasty Cpanel module and it looked promising and so this time I decided to make the investment. And I am calling it an investment because it's not just the money spent but also the time to change settings and edit email templates and test and so on. I feel like the best way forward would be for me to return to the stock Blesta Cpanel module but I am not even sure whether simply back tracking my steps would work or result in catastrophic failure. I would like to know your opinions, expecially from others who are affected I would like to know what you intend to do. Thank you
  10. Hi, I'm getting an error when I try to create an OpenVZ container in ProxMox using Blesta. On this forum, I've read that this is a default template location issue, though I don't know if I should state the whole location of the template in Blesta. KVM works fine, and the host node is also configured with OpenVZ, which is working with other web panels. B.R. - Rhys Howell - Founder - OEN http://www.oenproject.org
  11. .... are there any modules to connect with Resello ....
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