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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, Now I'm using trial version of Blesta v.4.12.3 with Stripe Payments gateway(v.1.2.1) in my country (Malaysia) hosting provider. I tried to create a payment session testing but the system returned an error, and I checked in my Stripe account it seems cannot capture the payment method and customer information. Anyone here can help or guide me? Thank you very much! .
  2. im getting the attached error message when i applied a payment to a client. The amount has been credited to the invoice etc when i look at it after just not sure what's the problem?
  3. Hi everyone, I need a developer Blesta who can do me paid jobs for me. I need to put some things in the web site and maybe keep a lasting relationship over time.
  4. We are using QuickPay in our blesta site, We can pay through QuickPay but blesta not getting any response or it could not update package status. When we hard coded status as approved, Then its work fine, The problem is $get and $post array is empty of validate method. public function validate(array $get, array $post) { // validate inputs for settings page / processing etc // Return the payment information file_put_contents('valget.txt',print_r($get,true)); file_put_contents('valpost.txt',print_r($post,true)); $status = 'approved'; return array( 'client_id' => 30, 'amount' => 1000, 'currency' => "USD", 'invoices' => 22, 'status' => 'approved', 'transaction_id' => "11223355" );
  5. Hello, I had a situation when Blesta sends out a link in an email for the client to pay an invoice. So, When client click on that link he/she reach select payment method page. After selecting a payment method and move to the confirmation page. If client refresh payment confirmation page his/her account is charged twice. Amount is added as credit in account if all the invoices are paid How can I avoid charging credit card again if there is no invoice is due. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, Does order form have any option which I can use to Not Create Service or order if payment is not received. Otherwise user can fill out the form and keep generating services and orders. I know invoice is generated if service created and therefore than payment process and transaction. But I want something to stop user to keep keep ordering service and creating service without payment. Thanks in advance
  7. is there a plugin for mail in payments like money, check, cash henry
  8. Good day, Is it possible to open a new window when payment button is activated? something like adding target="_blank" with ahref. If possible, may I know where this can be done? Thank you.
  9. Hrr

    Partial Payment

    Hi. Does Blesta allow partial payments? I mean let say I create an invoice for a service that require 50% upfront. Does the system allow the end user to apply a partial payment? Thanks.
  10. Now i build a new user center base on blesta api.Simplifying a number of steps. In this site user can view invoices, so, how can i make this go to payment url? instead of redevelopment. my english is poor,May be expressed is not clear. thanks you.
  11. The merchant gateway Converge (formerly VirtualMerchant) is now available for Blesta, and will be included in the next release. To install, download the attached converge.zip, unzip and upload the converge directory to ~/components/gateways/merchant/ Then, follow the directions in the documentation at https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Converge converge.zip
  12. Hi guys first post here. I hope im in the right section. Just a heads up I emailed the guy at coinpayments.net today requesting a blesta plugin and he happily abbliged. All ready on the same day. so for anyone that wants to accept litecoin, bitcoin, + about 30+ other cryptocoins then please look at this extension. https://www.coinpayments.net/merchant-tools-plugins PS does anyone know how I can get a 30% voucher? my current billing system is boxbilling so I can't supply a recepit as it's free. Boxbilling just doesn't cover my needs and looking at blesta it may well.
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