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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, My company is looking to list the plugin on the official blesta plugin directory. Please what are the steps required to accomplish this? Thanks
  2. Hey lovely community , ITvider is a upcoming hosting company located in the Netherlands, and is loving blesta so far. But we saw there wasn't a local bank payment gateway that works (called ideal) for blesta. So we decided to create a http://mollie.com payment gateway. This way you can easily accept these payment methods: PayPal European bank transfer (iban) Direct debit Bitcoin Sofort iDEAL Bancontact KBC/CBC Belfius Paysafecard CartaSi Cartes Bancaires and dutch Gift Cards3 Once uploaded, you only need to sign up to https://mollie.com, enter your details, create an api key and start accepting payments! MOLLIE-PAYMENTGATEWAY.zip
  3. Hi guys, Now I'm using trial version of Blesta v.4.12.3 with Stripe Payments gateway(v.1.2.1) in my country (Malaysia) hosting provider. I tried to create a payment session testing but the system returned an error, and I checked in my Stripe account it seems cannot capture the payment method and customer information. Anyone here can help or guide me? Thank you very much! .
  4. Today, PayKun Payment Gateway is discussed among the top payment gateways of India. It ensures the security of the sensitive data and funds involved in the online transaction between the buyer and the seller by being PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. The customers will be provided numerous payment options to ensure the payment is done instantly. It can be integrated with the websites of all major platforms like Java, Opencart, DotNet, Wordpress, Android, iOS, Magento, Php, Prestashop, Node JS, etc
  5. Hello. After update from v 4.6.. to 4.7.1 Authorize.net payment gateway and non merchant gateways (eg PayPal) stopped working. However the new Stripe Payments gateway works well. While trying to process a payment with Authorize.net we getting this error "An error occurred when processing the request with the gateway. The payment gateway returned an error when processing the request." Please advise.
  6. Hi, How do I get the related billing contact from a contact id? I'm in this method from NonmerchantGateway class: public function buildProcess(array $contact_info, $amount, array $invoice_amounts=null, array $options=null) {} $contact_info always have the current logged-in contact, I need the data of the billing contact. Thanks.
  7. I have installed the GoCardless Plugin on Blesta 4.4.0 (running on Ubuntu 18.04) and set: Access Token Webhook Secret Payment Option (One time and subscription payments when possible), Accepted currencies Webhook URL in my GoCardless account (i'm using ngrok as my sandpit server is behind a firewall and I can see NGROK is receiving webhooks). I have created an invoice for a client, then logged in as the client and attempted payment by selecting the GoCardless option on the 'payment Confirm' page.. However, when I click <pay with GoCardless> button -the page appears to refresh but nothing happens. Have I missed an obvious step?
  8. Hello, I am trying to implement a non-merchant gateway, the gateway is working fine, however their is an issue I am facing after the payment is made, and the user is redirected to the blesta account, the payment is not being validated and applied to the transaction, the error I am getting is "The gateway does not support that action". This is the redirect code I am using //$redirect_url = Configure::get("Blesta.gw_callback_url") . Configure::get("Blesta.company_id") . "/razorpay/" . $this->ifSet($contact_info['client_id']); $redirect_url = Configure::get("Blesta.gw_callback_url") . Configure::get("Blesta.company_id") . "/razorpay/" . $this->ifSet($contact_info['client_id']); Please suggest If I am doing any mistake here
  9. Start accepting cryptocurrencies in your Blesta store via CoinGate! During previous year, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proved to be not just a convenient way of making payments, but also an extremely valuable group of assets. Are you interested to know how your online business could benefit from digital currencies? There are plenty reasons why, and here are our favorites! Attract new customers that wish to spend their coins. The total cryptocurrency market cap has quadrupled in 2017 alone, and coin holders are very willing to spend their tokens on products online! Accepting cryptocurrency payments is cheap, easy and safe! No chargeback risks, huge intermediary fees, or country restrictions for your customers. Most importantly, setting it up takes just an hour or so, since you don’t need to fill any paperwork or sign agreements. Bitcoin gives you a sustainable competitive advantage! Every business needs some marketing tricks to be different to other players in the market. Even though the adoption of digital currencies is growing, don’t miss the chance and be at the forefront of cryptocurrency adopters in e-commerce. Okay, so how do you get started with accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? CoinGate is a company that offers a flexible and easy solution for all online merchants. Integration of our gateway is super simple, and we provide 24/7/365 support to our merchants as well as their customers who need help with making payments. The perks we offer: CoinGate is one of few companies that allows accepting not only Bitcoin, but Altcoin payments as well. This feature is integrated automatically for all of our merchants! Receive payouts in USD, EUR or Bitcoin (we cover Bitcoin transaction and SEPA transfer costs). Never worry about the technicalities of cryptocurrencies - all payments made with Altcoins are converted to Bitcoin, and paid out in Bitcoin or your currency of choice. We charge only 1% from your orders that get paid, and there are no monthly, registration or other fees. CoinGate has simplified all the procedures for the merchants. Now, you can extend your invoice expiration time and set up a desired threshold up to which partial payments are automatically accepted. We have developed free payment extensions for almost every e-commerce platform, including Blesta! Spend less than an hour to start accepting cryptocurrencies and do not hesitate to contact our support team and developers for integration assistance at https://coingate.com/contact Our plugin is already listed on Blesta marketplace - you can download it here: https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/77-Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Visit our website for setup instructions and download the Blesta module straight from GitHub: https://coingate.com/plugins/blesta
  10. Hello - In the Invoice Delivery email from Blesta, there is a link "Pay Now" which allows recipients to pay for their invoice without logging into to the portal, however at some point this stopped working for me. I have had a couple people confirm this and each get the same error message when trying to pay: Gateway doesn't support payments in this manner This error also happens when trying to Pay Invoice in the portal before setting up an actual Payment Account for the first time. http://screencast.com/t/qq2SE3qfcsm Any insight on how to correct this issue? I am using the Stripe Plus Gateway built by @Cherry and company, but this seems like the issue is with Blesta itself. Not sure how to determine the root cause of it and why it is happening. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi Everybody I am new to blesta and would like to install the 'ipay88' (Malaysia) payment gateway, but not in available list. May I know what to do next in order to have the gateway integrate to blesta? Regards Jason
  12. Hi, We are specialized in web application development, and we have an extensive experience in Blesta Billing Software. Our Services & Pricing: - Custom Development For Blesta - Request a Quote - Blesta Migration Services - Request a Quote - Blesta Theme Integration - Starting at $29 USD, Order Now Testimonials: Payment Methods We accept (Visa & MasterCard Credit & Debit Cards, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB & Paypal), Money Order & International Bank Transfer for larger payments. Have any questions ? Please do not hesitate to submit a quote request and we will get back to you with a quote in 24 business hours. Thanks for reading!
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