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Found 8 results

  1. At Blesta we want to be developer friendly. We put strong emphasis on open code, clear comments, logical file structure, and a powerful API to try to give developers as much power, flexibility, and clarity as possible. However, I've noticed in recent times that the learning curve can be a bit steep for developers getting started with Blesta. In addition we've seen comments saying that development can take a significant amount of time and people may get burned out or give up. That being said, we'd love to hear from the Blesta developer community or those interested in joining us. What we be the most useful ways to help you get started and continue developing on the Blesta platform? These are some of the things I was considering: More clear API docs for input More clear API docs for return values Generic code templates on github for Plugins, Modules, and the various Gateway types More events for Plugin's to tie into Video tutorials (Topic Suggestions?) Some sort of large FAQ A utility/wizard for generating a stubbed out extension (Complete) Let us know if you support any of these measures or have ideas of your own on how we can help. If you don't have a solution, but have a problem that bothers you or slows you down in development, leave a comment (a nice one :P) and perhaps someone else will have a good suggestion for how we can resolve it. We are grateful to all those who support us and have shown interest in the product. It truly warms my heart to see all of those who help each other out both here on the forums and in the discord server.
  2. Email History Gosuhost is introducing the email history plugin for Blesta. This allows your customers to view past emails straight from their client area. This gives your customers a much better experience rather than them checking their email client for past emails. They can click the row to view the email in text format. And the best thing is, we are releasing this free and open-source so you can edit and see the code. client_emails-1-1-0.zip
  3. Do you offer custom Blesta development services? We are planning to create a new page on our website for 3rd party custom development resources. If you'd like to be on this page, please reply to this thread and include the following: Company Name Your Logo (Attached or URL to a logo we can use) Some information about what you offer. You can include pretty much anything you want to say marketing-wise. Be sure to include what kind of development you do. For example, Themes only, or Themes and Custom Development (plugins, gateways, modules, etc). The URL to your website or other contact method Thanks!
  4. Domain BlestaExtras.com is for sale. Registered from 2013 WhmcsExtras.com is a great success (Now redirecting to the parent company). Launch yours now Make your fair offer and own it today. First Come, First Serve. Escrow Preferred. Accept Bitcoin, Paypal from trusted members
  5. Hey everyone! We are happy to announce that ModulesGarden is now ready to accept custom software development projects for Blesta! On this occasion, we have prepared a special, time limited offer for our customers. For more details, please check out our latest Blog article. To make a long story short, if you need an extension or any kind of customization for your system, we've got you covered
  6. link in the panel - Plugins I got HTTP ERROR 500 admin/settings/company/plugins/installed/ I have no idea when it happened, log file clean! Everything works perfectly only this link PLUGINS.
  7. hi devs and fellow Blesta lovers, We need a SEO plugin to do the following and not limited features. 1. Shorten the length of the url 2. Has meta tags for each order form 3. Key words selection 4. Add Robots 5. Add XML Feed better faster 6. Send website details to Google or Listed Directories Happy days are here folks
  8. I want to change index page content, and i find this content in "/plugins/cms/config/cms.php", I already change the <div class="col-md-6 col-sm-6 portal-box"> <a href="{client_url}login/"> <div class="well"> <i class="fa fa-cogs fa-4x"></i> <h4>My Account</h4> <p>Have an account with us? Log in here to manage your account.</p> </div> </a> </div> col-md-4 →→→ col-md-6 but the index page already display ‘col-md-4’, the cache is cleared. Or this have other way to change this default index page content?
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