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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Blestars Update 31-07-2019 Fixed compability with PHP 7 or above Old updates: Fixed: Bug on "TempUnlock", detected by aosoft Fixed: Whois Get/Edit fields Fixed: Renew Added: Commands TAB (for now only Renew works, later on I will finish the Transfer and Registter Command) Fixed: opemsrs default error handeling (now it uses a global var to store errors, is the quckiest way) Added: .co.uk adittional fields missed. (thanks to richwalker) Fixed: Removed GLOBAL variables, thanks to Carl Fixed: Code cleaned for better understand Added: Whois Get/Set in Admin and Client Sid
  2. NameSilo Domain Module This module is a complete solution for domain registrations and transfers through NameSilo. This module builds upon and continues the work by @NETLINK. He and I will be jointly contributing to this project and we welcome any other contributions on GitHub. An old thread related to this plugin was at https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3399-namesilo-plugin Features Domain registrations Domain transfers Supports all NameSilo-supported TLDs by dynamically listing the available ones to package creation Proper .us/.ca suppor
  3. Hello Blestars Updated InternetBS Module update 1.0.5, first Release Candidate (Updated 12-05-2015) Added: .FR Domain fields Old fixes: Added: .IT Domain fields Fix: Now domains can be renewed automatically after payment confirmation. Fix: Error on registering a Domain Fix: Error on transfering a Domain Add: Merged Blesta 3.2 changes to support bootstrap Add: Add/Edit/Remove Email Fowards (Now you and your clients can manage mail fowards) Add: PayPal donation link to the Plugin in "Settings->Modules->Internet.bs". Comming
  4. How might one go about convincing someone to develop a new registrar module? I'm relatively new to Blesta, and I'd like to integrate it with my wholesale domain registrar, VentraIP. They have a fairly comprehensive API document, but I lack the ability to be able to code an appropriate module from scratch.
  5. Hello, I am trying to discover Blesta v3 and it looks quite promising but there are few things I'd like to ask. There are a few clients of mine and I am tracking their account manually. Now, I'd like to switch to Blesta but I am not sure how can I add an existing cPanel account to an existing customer on Blesta ? I've already setup the cPanel module and defined the packages. I've also create the customers on Blesta but that's all. Please let me know if there is a way for it. Thanks, Tim
  6. Wen Registering/Transfer a Domain, should be able to use the default Contact Owner or create/use any Aditional Contact, or populate the fields using the contact info Registrant/Tecnical/Admin/Billing info to use for that domain
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