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Found 6 results

  1. I wanted to share that we've released our "Help Scout for Blesta" plugin for anyone using Help Scout for support, and Blesta for billing. View Blesta Customers in Help Scout Empower your team with account knowledge to deliver superior service. This plugin helps customer-centric businesses provide fast, personalized service. Help Scout For Blesta by 5 Star Plugins connects customer data to your support mailbox. - Customer name - Services - Plan - Price - Customer since date Focus on customers, not systems. Blesta For Help Scout plugin puts customer data where you need it most, where support happens. Solve problems in less time without the headache of switching windows and logins to straddle two systems. No Coding Required Connect Help Scout and Blesta. After setting up the plugin your support team will gain instant visibility to customers in Help Scout. Trusted Technology, We Use It Too We use Help Scout For Blesta plugin for our hosting company. In fact we built it for ourselves! Now we are offering our solution other businesses that could benefit too. Quality coding developed in the United States with the highest level of security standards. View on the Blesta Marketplace Buy Now
  2. Hi all, I'm starting to use Blesta and getting to know how the packages and forms work. I think I have already understand in overall how in works. But I have doubts on the best way to setup a order form to bill clients hourly per consulting services. I need hourly, daily, weekly and monthly packages as I leave bellow. The most common use will be clients ordering some hours or days depending on the work needed. Clients must be able to order 3 hours or 2 days for example. 1 Hour – 5 € 1 Day – 40 € 1 Week – 150 € 1 Month – 500 € I have been messing around but the way I'm making the hourly shows as "One-Time" and does not allow to select more than 1 hour. Can anyone please help me on this? What's the best way do do this? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I need some help here. I have no idea what happened? I haven't touched the database/pdt files. Yet for some odd reason, some clients have service widgets showing and some do not. All clients have services bound to them, I can see the widget if I type in the URL with "[website]/admin/clients/services/[client_id]/" but if I go back to the normal URL "[website]/admin/clients/view/[client_id]/", the service widget is missing. I've asked a client to check on his own client dashboard and he is missing the service widget as well. Can someone point me in the right direction? Regards.
  4. When I use WHMCS and want to add existing product to client, I can create a new order, then re-update service fields so quite easy. Now, with Blesta, I must modify them manually (so I'm trying to integrate around 300 times for each service moved from WHMCS). Do you have any plan to add these fields to Services's Manage section?
  5. Good evening to you all, Really hoping someone can help. I'm in the process of installing Blesta. Everything on the install and configuration has run smoothly no problems at all. However I have just made a test client and signed up for a service which worked fine. Now the service has activated on my server via the CPANEL module and I can log into it via cpanel however on Blesta its still showing as PENDING and also the cron job "Provision Paid Pending Services" is sticking. Any help would be gratefully appreciated and like I have already said this is a brand new install and I have not changed any core files Thanks Jamie
  6. Hi, We have created a plugin which will suspend client services if user did not pay for Invoice If anybuddy interested contact me using private message Ajay
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