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Found 15 results

  1. would it be possible to make the stripe module use "automatic_payment_methods[enabled]"=true instead of explicitly forcing a card payment? This would allow the client to select the available options such as BACS transfers ect that have been activated on stipes dashboard end. see here for refernace https://stripe.com/docs/payments/bacs-debit/accept-a-payment?platform=web#automatic-payment-methods
  2. Hi guys, Now I'm using trial version of Blesta v.4.12.3 with Stripe Payments gateway(v.1.2.1) in my country (Malaysia) hosting provider. I tried to create a payment session testing but the system returned an error, and I checked in my Stripe account it seems cannot capture the payment method and customer information. Anyone here can help or guide me? Thank you very much! .
  3. kepler

    Stripe zip code

    Good afternoon I've installed the module for the Stripe payments, made some tests, and everything is ok. Except, the zip code asked just next the CCC: it does not format correctly with the zip code from Portugal (for example, which are of the type xxxx-xxx). I wish to remove that requirement. I have a website made in WPress, for instance, that asks everything except that. Can someone tell me the line of code and the file in the Stripe gateways dir where I can deactivate the request of the zip code? Best regards
  4. Blesta: Stripe (plus) Gateway Forked version of the original Stripe gateway which includes updated offsite storage and ACH payments. Some of the feature/bug requests this updated gateway resolves are listed below: http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6224-latest-stripe-api-with-blesta-361/ http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6089-stripe-invoice-number-in-description/ http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5812-stripe-ach/ http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5760-stripe-error-401-when-customer-attempts-charge/ Installation Download the latest release version from https://github.com/nodecraft/stripe_plus_gateway/releases and then simply upload the stripe_plus_gateway folder to ~/components/gateways/merchant directory on your Blesta installation. Feature changes from Original Gateway This gateway has been rewritten from the original version which was distributed with Blesta. The major changes are as follows: Only creates one Stripe Customer per Client Contact, rather than one Stripe Customer per Credit Card Only supports offsite card storage, onsite storage is removed Supports ACH payments* Updated Stripe API PHP SDK to version 3.14.2 Utilizes Stripe API Version 2016-06-15 Adds API key environment selection (test vs live) Updated Currency list to Stripe Documentation Does not utilize Blesta's $client_reference_id lookup to Stripe customer ID. This can cause multiple customer accounts if the user deletes all payment methods. Uses added MySQL table stripe_plus_meta Pros: Prevents your Stripe account from having "dead" data by attaching one customer per payment source. This enhances your ability to fight fraud. Added security by preventing payment source information from being stored locally Cons: *ACH Payments by Stripe require "verification" before payments are accepted. Blesta does not provide any methods for this process to take place. You will need to manually verify the bank account with your customer until this is improved or a plugin created. Roadmap: Add ACH verification if Blesta implements methods on Gateway Download: https://github.com/nodecraft/stripe_plus_gateway Issues/feature requests: https://github.com/nodecraft/stripe_plus_gateway/issues
  5. Hi, Currently we are using Stripe merchant for accept Credit Card and ACH payments. We also have Alipay, Amex Express Checkout and Bitcoin methods live on our Stripe account, but unable to accept them thought Blesta due to non-support by Blesta's Stripe gateway. Is there any option available to accept Alipay, Amex Express Checkout and Bitcoin via Stripe with Blesta? Thanks. ~ Shakib Khan
  6. nanohits

    Stripe Module

    Hi all, I have added the stripe module and entered all the details along with the key. But in the order process, stripe does not show as a payment method. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. If we use use Stripe, I understand Blesta stores the card as a token, it can then charge the customer's card when due. If the customer's card expires or is stolen there is a service called account updater offered by many merchant services including Stripe https://stripe.com/blog/smarter-saved-cards If we are using Stripe with Blesta, and the customer's card gets updated, does the use of token storage take advantage of Stripe's account updater technology?
  8. Hello, I am new to Blesta, currently in the process of moving some of our brands to this billing platform. I am currently having an issue with Blesta invoices showing Stripe. Upon a client checking out, they are only shown the option to checkout with PayPal. Stripe is not shown anywhere on the invoice/checkout page. I logged in and ensured it was setup properly and that we have credit cards enabled. I am unsure how to resolve this issue, any advice is appreciated.
  9. Blesta has never sent any credit card expiration reminders, and the Automation settings indicate that the Card Expiration Reminders task has never run. All of the other Automation tasks run regularly. I use the Stripe gateway, and have set it to store card information offsite with Stripe. However, Blesta still stores the card expiration date and the last 4 digits of the card number, so I don’t know why reminders wouldn’t be sent. What is most strange is that I have a customer with an expired card stored as a payment account for auto debit, yet auto debit continues to successfully charge his card through Stripe whenever payments are due. How can this be happening? Observed mostly on Blesta 3.4.3 with Stripe gateway 1.2.0. But I recently upgraded to Blesta 3.6.2 with Stripe gateway 1.3.1. So far, no difference in behaviour. Any insight is appreciated.
  10. We've been working on a fork of the original Stripe module shipped with Blesta, as can be seen here: https://github.com/nodecraft/stripe_plus_gateway. Our primary goals are to support new Stripe features, and better complement Stripe's recommendations to its customers. One of the primary new features that Stripe now supports is ACH payments. We've already implemented ACH payments into our forked module, however unfortunately, Stripe's ACH verification process requires additional steps not currently supported by Blesta natively. When adding an ACH account to a Stripe account, Stripe makes two micro-deposits by default, which the customer is then required to enter after they've cleared. This is in order to verify their bank account details. Stripe provides the functionality via their API to then verify and match those amounts automatically for customers and without a plugin, Blesta would be unable to provide this verification process for it's users. https://stripe.com/docs/ach#manually-collecting-and-verifying-bank-accounts This can be worked around of course by contacting the customer, and then having an agent manually verify the micro-deposits via Stripe's UI, but having this available via Blesta would be much more ideal, and allow customers to add ACH accounts via Stripe, without any need of talking to a representative of the company. You can read more about ACH via their docs: https://stripe.com/docs/ach If any further information is required, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll be happy to assist in any way that we can.
  11. Hello, I am using Blesta 3.6.1 and Stripe gateway to process credit card payments. FROM BLESTA ============ Stripe (ver 1.3.1) Author: Phillips Data, Inc. FROM STRIPE =========== API VERSION: 2015-07-28 Should I upgrade to the latest STRIPE API version? Is Blesta compatible with it? I am asking because today I could not complete an AMEX transaction which BLESTA displayed the error below despite of having the right information. The zip code you supplied failed validation. Then, I used BrainTree gateway via their control panel to run the transaction and it was fine. Thank you. NOTES from STRIPE: Upgrading your API version may break your implementation. Be sure to read the list of changes* made since your version. You'll be able to roll back to your previous API version for the next 6 hours. You're upgrading to the latest API version from 2015-07-28. Here's a few major changes that may affect you: An error is now returned if invalid parameters are passed in the card or bank account parameters hash during token, customer source, or external account creation. On Charges, the deprecated offset parameter is now only supported when filtering by charge source type. Be sure to read the full list of changes* to see all breaking changes for this upgrade. * https://stripe.com/docs/upgrades?since=2015-07-28#api-changelog
  12. Hello! Stripe has a "Description" field for transactions. I was wondering if it's possible to get a description entered for this field - for example a list of invoice numbers the transaction was used to pay.
  13. Hey Blesta! I've been doing a little digging, please correct me if I'm wrong. As I understand you're only really partially supporting Stripe? For example, I found this comment on a competitors forum: "With Blesta, Stripe does not do remote tokenization, the information first goes through your server which creates an security alert on your stripe security (saying that you are not compliant and should fix it). Not sure on the details, but point is, Blesta's Stripe module is not fully supporting stripe, just partially, which means you need PCI-DSS compliance to use it (which defeats the purpose)." I'm a person that's still weighing up pros and cons of billing software, so would be great if you're able to provide comment on the following and if true, when you plan on offering full support? Many thanks.
  14. A customer thought the payments was recurring, but they aren't so I asked him if he would like me to make a subscription for him on Stripe. This was a confusing outcome and it charged him when it was made. He was ok with it however I was thinking can we have a option to offer recurring subscriptions. Client clicks Subscription, then it creates a subscription on the Stripe customer account with the Package created through Blesta. Simple terms: Client makes a payment --> Checks package if it exists --> If not it will create it otherwise use it --> creates subscription --> Done.
  15. Since Blesta doesn't support CDG Commerce, I'm going to have to do some payment shuffling before migrating from WHMCS. Naturally I want to inconvenience my customers as little as possible. If I set up the Stripe module in WHMCS using offsite storage (all card data is stored only with Stripe, leaving only tokenized data in WHMCS), will Blesta import the tokens during the migration? Or will customers have to re-enter their card information after moving to Blesta?
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