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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, I've seen in the change logs that blesta is PHP 7.2 compatible but can't see anywhere in the patches the files for 7.2? we have 7 and 7.1 hotfixes. Am i missing something? Is blesta compiled at 7.2 by default? I ask as PHP 7.0 is end of life, 7.1 is bug fix only and with the newest cPanel update 7.2 is standard http://php.net/supported-versions.php http://news.cpanel.com/cpanel-whm-version-76-to-current/
  2. Just updated to the latest blesta and now clients can't order services they get the following error message Something went wrong. SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'order_form_groups.order' in 'order clause' on line 196 in /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/vendors/minphp/db/src/PdoConnection.php Printing Stack Trace: #0 /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/vendors/minphp/db/src/PdoConnection.php(196): PDOStatement->execute(Array) #1 /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/vendors/minphp/record/src/Record.php(785): Minphp\Db\PdoConnection->query('SELECT `order_f...', Array) #2 /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/plugins/order/models/order_forms.php(574): Minphp\Record\Record->fetchAll() #3 /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/plugins/order/models/order_forms.php(195): OrderForms->getGroups('1', Array) #4 /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/plugins/order/order_form_controller.php(60): OrderForms->get('1', Array) #5 /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/plugins/order/controllers/main.php(18): OrderFormController->preAction() #6 /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Dispatcher.php(133): Main->preAction() #7 /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/index.php(21): Dispatcher::dispatch('/billing/order/') #8 {main}
  3. ** solved uploaded patch not full ** Just tried to update blesta and i getting this error. I cant login or anything!!! please help! My updates are valid until next year, system running php 7, php 7 hotfix applied Uncaught Error, code 0 in /home/mdhostin/public_html/billing/app/app_controller.php on line 0 Message: Call to a member function listener() on null
  4. Hello, It seems like the Proxmox Blesta module has been neglected recently and I think it deserves an update. Other billing systems and 3rd party developers have updated their respective Proxmox modules to add support for LXC, drop support for OpenVZ, and add other cool built-in features for the client such as firewall management and backup management. I also think the Proxmox module should be updated to remove the Java VNC console and add support for the HTML5 noVNC console that is packaged with Proxmox. All of these things have implementations in the Proxmox API so I don't think it would be too difficult.
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