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Found 13 results

  1. This error occurs when the new Domain Manager plugin is not install. To resolve, install the Domain Manager or perform the following code changes: In core/Pricing/Modifier/Type/Description/Type/Domain/Domains.php around line 232 replace: try { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Domains.DomainsTlds']); $tld = $this->DomainsTlds->getByPackage($package_id); $package = (isset($tld->tld) ? $tld->tld : $package); } catch (Throwable $e) { // Nothing to do } With Loader::loadModels($this, ['PluginManager']); if ($this->PluginManager->isInstalled('domains', \Configure::get('Blesta.company_id'))) { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Domains.DomainsTlds']); $tld = $this->DomainsTlds->getByPackage($package_id); $package = (isset($tld->tld) ? $tld->tld : $package); } In core/Pricing/Presenter/Items/Service/ServiceDataItems.php around line 139 replace: try { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Domains.DomainsTlds']); $tld = $this->DomainsTlds->getByPackage($packageId); if (isset($tld->tld)) { $fields['_data']['item_type'] = 'domain'; } } catch (Throwable $e) { // Nothing to do } With Loader::loadModels($this, ['PluginManager']); if ($this->PluginManager->isInstalled('domains', \Configure::get('Blesta.company_id'))) { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Domains.DomainsTlds']); $tld = $this->DomainsTlds->getByPackage($packageId); if (isset($tld->tld)) { $fields['_data']['item_type'] = 'domain'; } } In core/Pricing/Presenter/Items/Service/ServiceItems.php around line 118 replace: try { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Domains.DomainsTlds']); $tld = $this->DomainsTlds->getByPackage($packageId); if (isset($tld->tld)) { $fields['_data']['item_type'] = 'domain'; } } catch (Throwable $e) { // Nothing to do } With Loader::loadModels($this, ['PluginManager']); if ($this->PluginManager->isInstalled('domains', \Configure::get('Blesta.company_id'))) { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Domains.DomainsTlds']); $tld = $this->DomainsTlds->getByPackage($packageId); if (isset($tld->tld)) { $fields['_data']['item_type'] = 'domain'; } }
  2. My Blesta version was 4.12.3 as shown in the browser admin dashboard. When I tried to upgrade using cli, the prompt asked me whether I want to upgrade from 4.12.1 to 5.0.0. I was expecting 4.12.3, but the cli said it was 4.12.1. Can this be the cause to the upgrade error that happens next? What I did next was when I entered "Y", the upgrade stops at 75%. When I go to the dashboard, it shows that my database does not match the system version. When I click "Upgrade", the process ended with a white screen. I have ensured that the requirements are met. I changed the max_allowed_packet to 128M. It still failed the same in the second try. How do I proceed from here?
  3. Happy New Year Blesta Community!! I decided to attempt to upgrade Blesta today since it is the holiday and most wouldn't be logging into their accounts so thought it was a perfect opportunity, however once again I hit a wall trying to upgrade. I uploaded all of the 4.2 files overwriting my existing and realized that it was throwing the common error about IonCube and came to the forum looking for answers only to find that the Hotfix PHP7 files also had to be uploaded (running PHP7), however after doing so and trying to run the upgrader "/admin/upgrade" - it prompted me to do a "clean install" instead of "upgrading" my existing installation! I am in the process of re-uploading my previous version so I can start over but I am assuming by uploading the new license.php file in the "models" directory overwrites the existing causing it to think that it is a new install? Not sure tbh. I always dread running these upgrades because something bad always happens and I have to have @Paul hop in and help out. Anyone else experience this same issue and know why it would prompt an "Install" rather then run the "upgrader"? Thanks
  4. Hello, maybe this is related to this thread: https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7453-upgrade-via-web-didnt-show-a-succes-or-redirect-to-admin-dashboard/&tab=comments#comment-46633 But in my case my installation (dev) is completely blank (admin, client and frontpage). error log shows multiple errors, but I don't want to post the log here publicly. Can I send it to you private? Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS‬, Apache Server, MySQL 5.5.49, PHP 5.6.30 (FastCGI) Thanks, Fee
  5. Hi I'm searching for solution where I can offer link to the client that he can upgrade his hosting plan. I'm promoting upgrade for my clients in newsletter and I want to offer direct link where they can chose what hosting plan they want to use. How did you solve this problem, is it possible to provide direct link for upgrade that client can click on it and then choose what plan he want to use and process is using cart?
  6. Hello - I am in the middle of upgrading Blesta v3 ot Blesta v4.0.1 and I am getting this error when accessing the /admin/upgrade URL Mod rewrite is not enabled, or htaccess is not supported by this server. You must disable pretty URL support in Blesta by removing the .htaccess file. I tried removing the existing .htaccess file and it just 404'd, and I am pretty positive that mod_rewrite is Enabled! Please help!
  7. Getting the following error after upgrading to Blesta v4.0.1 Fatal error: Class 'SupportManagerController' not found in /home/omnia/www/support/plugins/support_manager/support_manager_kb_controller.php on line 11 Not sure what is happening here. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hi! Sorry if this has been asked before, or if it is already documented, but I couldn't find any specific information on this: Is it possible to just upgrade from Blesta 3.4 to 4.0, or do I have to to upgrade to the latest version of Blesta 3 before upgrading to 4? Also, if I have to upgrade to the latest Version of 3.x, can I directly upgrade to the latest version, or do I have to upgrade from minor version to minor version?
  9. Henrynowa

    upgrade problems

    this all happen after i did the upgrade unable to make any changes like if i try to change my test accounts password it does nothing if i put in a new password it goes right back with out changing it not able to setup any new hosting packages not able to edit this Description or Configurable Options if you hit creat nothing happens it dose not save
  10. Paul

    Forum Upgrade

    The forums have been upgraded. One thing to note is that you need to log in with your Display Name. On the old version, it was possible to have a username that was different than your display name. If you are having trouble logging in, login with your name as it appeared when you posted.
  11. Hello Paul/Tyson/Cody, On this Post http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4279-logicboxes-domains/ a problem was found by the user rfhmendes. If we have (almost everyone will have) multiple TLD's Packages on the same "Group", and we have enable the option for client "Upgrade/Downgrade", "Change Packages", Clients can Change the "TLD", and this cannot happen I propose for now a Quick fix to disable on Type "Domain" the option on Client Area to "Change Package", for later on, on the new Domain System you can implement a final solution Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, I'd like to upgrade from Blesta version 3.1.1 to 3.2.2. Do I need to do incremental upgrades, or can I do one upgrade? I'm not sure what steps to take to upgrade in the first place. I read something about using FileZilla to replace certain folders. Is that right? Thank you!!!! Clare
  13. Hello, Restricted Packages Show on Upgrade/Downgrade Client Side. 1- Add a restricted package 2- Add a non restricted package to the same group 3- Add the non restricted package to the client 4- Login to client area, and trie to upgrade/downgrade the package, you wil see also the restricted package
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