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Found 3 results

  1. I've setup Amazon S3 backup configuration. I've tested the connection and it works. I've forced an offsite backup and it succeeds (confirmed in S3). But when I initially went to Settings -> Company -> Automation ... I didn't see Amazon S3 as an option. I noticed in the database in table cron_task_runs the entry for Amazon S3 (in my case id #14) had CompanyID=0. I manually set this to 1 and now I see the Amazon S3 section in the Automation page. But still when the cron job fires, the backups_amazons3 task does not run. I've also confirmed in Global settings that my tmp and upload folders are readable / writeable by the web user Blesta is running as. I've also confirmed that the cron is setup for that same user via crontab -u [username] -e. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Hello, On top of the database, is it also necessary to backup the "uploads" folder? as there appears to be some data in there relating to support tickets (attachments it seems) along with the invoice logo. So if I were to restore the database only, would the attachments and invoice logo not be missing? Thanks!
  3. My Blesta install is v3.4.3 with PHP 5.4 & 10.0.18-MariaDB. Importantly, I am using Blesta on https. I am using Windows 7. I am unable to configure my SFTP backup settings (Settings -> System -> Backup -> Secure FTP) on the page https://mydomain.com/admin/settings/system/backup/ftp/. I enter all of the details and click on the Update Settings button. In Google Chrome, I am then redirected back to the root address of the client portal (ie. https://mydomain.com/) and my settings are not saved. Additionally, in Google Chrome, I am unable to press "test these settings" because Google Chrome is blocking a script from an unauthenticated source (see screenshot). If I use Internet Explorer, and press to "test these settings", nothing happens. If I enter the backup details and then click on the Update Settings button, I am also redirected back to the root address of the client portal and the settings are not saved. I have a development install of Blesta on non-https (admittedly it is also on a different server) and I can test and save the connection details without issue using Google Chrome. You will see from the attached screenshot that there appears to be a bug in that the script regarding the "test these settings" is trying to load from the non-https address of my Blesta install. Consequently, I am unable to take an automated Backup of my Blesta install, which is quite an issue for me at present. Thank you for your help.
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