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Found 8 results

  1. FoxelVox

    Proxmox module

    Hi Community, I just finished up my blesta template and want to enable the proxmox module. But when i try to add a product, it doesn't show available/assigned nodes... These are my settings: https://prnt.sc/hkdkue https://prnt.sc/hkdl62 http://prntscr.com/hkdn5x
  2. Hi all, I am opening this thread to discuss issues/bugs and wanted features in the Proxmox module. I really would like to use it but I found it to be cumbersome and lacking features with some bugs. Requested Features I noticed that when creating a service with the module it doesn't show the VM's IP anywhere in the service itself (client side). You have to go to the dashboard and click the service (this isn't obvious). It doesn't display the login info to the Proxmox panel for the user. When cancelling a service it does not add the IP of the VM back to the server (does not make it available again). You can have manually add the IP back which is tedious. Bugs There is a bug when the service is created, the first time a service is created it gives the client a user and password (e.g. vmuser1 and a randomly generated password). When you cancel the service and add a new one it sends the username via email but has a blank password. In both scenarios I didn't see any user created on Proxmox either. It would be really useful if this feature would work, so the customer could access Proxmox. When cancelling a service through the admin side it displays a red 'error' bar at the top of the page with an "X". When this happens it stops the VM but does not destroy it. If you cancel it again it destroys the VM. Questions Does the module support IPv6? If so, how does it work? If I find anything else I'll reply to this thread.
  3. Hello, I've installed latest version of Blesta together with Proxmox module. Unfortunately I cannot make it to work. After I add a server, there is no connectivity between Blesta and Promox node. Nothing appears also in Tools -> Logs -> Module log. It's a test system so I can provide my username and password both to Blesta and to Proxmox node.
  4. Hi everyone. Quite an urgent matter, someone has already done, or has the intention to perform Plesk Extended module ,proper Domain Manager and Proxmox module for Blesta? I ask before I choose a different billing panel. Marek
  5. Hello All . This Module has more than 2000 lines of code . IF YOU WANT TO THANK ME WITH A LITTE DONATION , you can do it with PAYPAL DONATION from here LAST UPDATE : 08-02-2015 , Version 1.7.0 we bring free content , this Module for Proxmox in blesta , rewrited the full code from scratch , i have used as API the pve2-api-php-client . NOTE : THIS MODULE IS NOT YET FINISHED , DON'T USE IT IN A LIVE PRODUCTION ? NOW IT ONLY SUPPORT OPENVZ . ANY BUG, feedback post it here , i more testers , sowe can fix/improuve howthe module work . with the Module , you can : Admin Side - Add VM . - Reboot/Start/Stop/Shutdown - Add/Edit ip_adress , hostname , serachdomain , nameservers . - View VM Config/Settings - View Graphs - Views Tasks - suspend/unsespend/destory VM . - add swap limit in package (for openvz) - add CPU limit in package (for openvz) - add QOUTA UGID limit in package (for openvz) - add Qouta Grace period in package (for openvz) - add start at boot (true/false) in package (for openvz) - auto fetch the iso(for kvm) and template (for openvz). - edit the vmid IN ADMIN SIDE (locally) . Client Side - Order VM , with choosing os template and hostname . - Reboot/Start/Stop/Shutdown . - Edit hostname . - View Graphs (if enabled from package) - Views Tasks (if enabled from package) In gneral i have fixed all this error of the core module . - Add/Remove/Edit servers. - remove default tempalte from server creation , and make it under package . - auto start vm at the end fo creation/activation service. - option to choose template in add service for admin section . - option to edit the vmid (locally) . - more stats (uptime/cpu usage/prossess count/load average) - allow admins/staff add more ip for vm . TODO LIST : - add Qemu Section (kvm) - better implementation of re-isntall vm , as the current now freeze sometimes . - allow change root password for vm (admins/staff) without using the console . (for openvz) - until now is impossible - - add option to edit UBC for VM (for openvz) (admin tab) Some screenshoot : add server Add Package Admin Vm Config Admin Vm network Client Actions tab View Graph/Statistique View Tasks of Vm as always the installtion steps is : 1 - download the file https://github.com/Blesta-Addons/proxmox-module . 2 - upload the proxmoxv2 folder inside componenet/modules directory . 3 - goto modules , and install Proxmox Reloaded . 4 - enjoy the free Module. This Mosdule has more than 2000 of line code . IF YOU WANT TO THANK ME WITH A LITTE DONATION , you can do it with PAYPAL DONATION from here NOTE : THIS MODULE IS NOT YET FINISHED , DON'T USE IT IN A LIVE PRODUCTION ? NOW IT ONLY SUPPORT OPENVZ . Best regards
  6. Proxmox 3.4-16/40ccc11c Blesta 3.6.2, 30 day trial license OpenVZ I installed Blesta and configured it then wanted to use the official Proxmox module included within Blesta. I've used Google to search the forum without much luck. Proxmox Server settings: Label: S01 User: root Password: password I used to login Hostname: valid hostname that I use in my browser Port: 8006 Storage: local VMID: default value that the module sets Template: debian-8.0-x86_64-minimal.tar.gz IPs: 1 unassigned IP address When I try to activate an order on a test client with user root@pam, I get a blank box (blesta1.png) I saw on a third party plugin that root@pam sometimes works which this appears not to be the case. When I change the username to root, I get an error in that red box (blesta2.png) When I check Tools -> Logs, I just see log entries of what I've done and nothing reported back from the module (blesta3.png) Should I upgrade to 4.0 if this is a 3.x specific issue or can a member steer me in the right direction? I'm considering Blesta for the out-of-the-box Proxmox support where WHMCS and third party Proxmox modules are not developed very well by companies with customer support. Somewhat related, I was able to get Proxmox Reloaded to work but the lack of development and lack of features prevents me from considering it. I used very similar information above to successfully create a VM so I'm thinking that my information is correct and since PR addon worked, I know the communication between Blesta and Proxmox is properly configured. I feel the issue is with the module or something I'm overlooking.
  7. Hello, It seems like the Proxmox Blesta module has been neglected recently and I think it deserves an update. Other billing systems and 3rd party developers have updated their respective Proxmox modules to add support for LXC, drop support for OpenVZ, and add other cool built-in features for the client such as firewall management and backup management. I also think the Proxmox module should be updated to remove the Java VNC console and add support for the HTML5 noVNC console that is packaged with Proxmox. All of these things have implementations in the Proxmox API so I don't think it would be too difficult.
  8. Hi, I'm getting an error when I try to create an OpenVZ container in ProxMox using Blesta. On this forum, I've read that this is a default template location issue, though I don't know if I should state the whole location of the template in Blesta. KVM works fine, and the host node is also configured with OpenVZ, which is working with other web panels. B.R. - Rhys Howell - Founder - OEN http://www.oenproject.org
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