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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, Please help me about using input rules in Universal Modules. I want to apply validation that can be typed in the text and password form fields. Validate text input field for hostname. Allowing only letter and number with a maximum length of 24 character Validate input type password for password. That must consists one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one digit, 10-24 length, allow special character like !@#$%^&*()+_-= but space not allowed. When I use WHMCS billing system, I was able to make input validation for additional form fields. By learning regex tutorial that is widely available on the internet. Also I can simulate on this website: https://www.regextester.com to testing the regex. Thanks
  2. we have worked with universal module is a small services that didn't need need any API or any advanced tabs. we noticed that the suspend, UN-suspend and other email notification didn't add the service ID or the service label or the client ID in it, we just receive a text we have added . so we can't know wish service it suspended or need our attention to manually do some task !!! is their a option we have missed in the conf ? as we didn't say any service tags available in the email notification . if not available, is possible to add at least the service ID to email notification title or body ?
  3. Is there a changelog for the updates made between Universal Module 1.3.1 and 1.4, the version offered in the Blesta 4.0.0. beta 1?
  4. This was using the universal module to create a recurring service that didn't need provisioning. I saw the package term & price when setting it up and also edited the date of invoice (to 7/10) but there is no invoice yet. What did I miss?
  5. Hey Guys, Any help here would be greatly appreciated! I recently have started using Blesta and I think it's great...although I just had a call from a client that told they didn't receive an invoice they were suppose to. I'll try to go through everything I did. If someone could help me out to troubleshoot, I would greatly appreciate it. I set up Blesta sometime in Nov 2014. I added all my clients and created packages / services through the Universal Module. Because I was adding all my clients for the first time, I had to 'Manage' each service and change the 'Change Renew Date' on each service. I've gone through all of my 'Settings' so that a client should be invoiced 30 days before the renewal takes place (with another email coming a week before it's due and then 3 days after.) With the client in question I created the 'Service' on Dec 9, 2014 and then changed the renew date to Feb 13, 2015. It's now Jan 14, 2015 and they never received the 'scheduled' invoice. I checked my scheduled cron jobs for sending invoices and manually ran all the cron jobs... I feel like I might be missing something obvious or I may be misunderstanding the term 'change renew date,' but any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello, I'm in the process of actually using Blesta for automating some provisioning of services. I'm trying to do this with the Universal Module, but the documentation for it really isn't all that great. http://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Universal+Module Basically I want to have a custom field in the order form that's Game Username or game_username. I want it to be a simple text field, and when the product is activated I would like it to send a HTTP POST request with some information over to a server that will handle the rest. I've attached an image of what I have so far. I'm not quite sure how to create the Post URL/Email field along with the HTTP Code and Response Contains fields. The following curl command works with the script I have. So if anyone knows how to replicate it in Blesta that would be great. curl -d "username=game_username&rank=VIP" https://example.com/manage/index.php Thanks.
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