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WHMCS to Blesta



I'm looking to move over from WHMCS to Blesta and do a full migration of current WHMCS data. I need to know if the following are supported in Blesta please!

  • G2A Payment Gateway
  • Stripe Payment Token Gateway - including current recurring agreements
  • Existing PayPal IPN recurring payment profiles
  • Full TCAdmin support, which includes:
    • Marrying up the product ID with the TCAdmin billing ID (automatically when importing) as WHMCS has a product IT which matches what's in TCAdmin
    • Hostname, Public Password, Private Password, Location, Slots, CPU Priority, Default Port Options
    • SSO between Blesta and TCAdmin
  • Multicraft Support, which includes:
    • Marrying up the Server ID into the customers Blesta Product ID
    • Full Multicraft support (creation/suspension/termination/jar etc)
  • Ability to have promotional codes for specific product options, ie.
    • We have server player slots priced, and locations at $0 - we want it so that when a particular location is chosen, it can have a discount in % applied to the overall product price.
  • Knowledge Base import from WHMCS
  • Support Tickets and full data import from WHMCS
  • Theme integration 


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@bw1 Yep its been out a while.  I think a few are using it seems to work well per others.  It will also be a while for Blesta to implement a "way it should be done" gateway.  Its not High on their list as it will take a rewrite on the merchant gateway system.

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