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Turn your Blesta Knowledgebase into a **VIDEO Knowledgebase** with hundreds of our ready-made videos articles!

You can now import all our video support tutorials into your Blesta Knowledgebase in just a few clicksThe new Video Knowledgebase has been developed as a turn-key solution to getting our video tutorials into your searchable knowledgebase. No longer do we just provide a video tutorial rebranding service for web hosts... we now provide web hosts with a complete solution to populate their knowledgebase with hosting-related, video-based articles. All video tutorials in the knowledgebase will be branded with your company logo, or animated logo/intro if you choose that option.

Video-based articles on the topics hosting customers need help withDemoWolf produces video support tutorials for web hosting customers. Web hosting companies put DemoWolf video tutorials on their websites... often times in their customer support or knowledgebase section. Their customers will then see the video tutorials when they are searching for the help they need. DemoWolf has produced video tutorials that help hosting companies provide better support to their customers. Topics covered include:
* cPanel Paper Lantern End User series (28 videos)
* cPanel Paper Lantern Email series (17 videos)
* cPanel Paper Lantern MySQL series (11 videos)
* cPanel x3 skin End User series (28 videos)
* cPanel x3 skin Email series (17 videos)
* cPanel x3 skin MySQL series (11 videos)
* Plesk Onyx End User series (27 videos)
* Plesk Email series (13 videos)
* Plesk File Manager series (13 videos)
* WordPress series (12 videos)
* SmarterMail series (16 videos)
* Horde Email series (11 videos)
* RoundCube Email series (9 videos)
* SquirrelMail series (10 videos)
* Thuderbird series (8 videos)
* IncrediMail series (8 videos)
* Opera Mail series (8 videos)
* DreamMail series (8 videos)
* Pegasus Mail series (8 videos)
* iPhone email series (8 videos)
* iPad email series (8 videos)
* Apple (Mac) Mail series (8 videos)
* Updating DNS at popular registrars series (17 videos)
* Creating Private Nameservers at popular registrars series (15 videos)
* FileZilla series (10 videos)
* WHMCS Setup series (13 videos)
* Blesta Admin series (20 videos)
* PuTTY series (12 videos)
* FTP series (24 videos)
* Direct Admin end user series (26 videos)
* Facebook series (11 videos)
* Drupal series (14 videos)

You must be a DemoWolf member for the videos to work - and we offer a FREE membership Plan.

Visit demowolf.com to get your FREE Membership Plan

Every knowledgebase article has video and text instructions
Every Video Knowledgebase article will have a video at the top, followed by the text instructions of the tutorial written below the video... creating a fully functioning and searchable knowledgebase with hundreds of video-text articles. The videos themselves are 100% responsive, so will size themselves according to the container of your knowledgebase. It will work no matter what template or theme you use.

Instructions - Only takes a few minutes
* Step 1 – Go to www.demowolf.com, login to your Member Area.
* Step 2 – Download the Video Knowledgebase files for the video series(s) you want. Note: There is 1 .SQL file for each series.
* Step 3 – Login to phpMyAdmin and select your Blesta database (i.e. yourdomain_blesta)
* Step 4 – In phpMyAdmin, click "Import" in the top menu, then "Choose File".
* Step 5 – Select the .SQL file for the series you want to import, then click "Go".
* Step 6 – Repeat step 5 for each video series you want in your knowledgebase.

Done! Now when your clients go to your knowledgebase, they’ll see categories for video tutorial series you imported, and within those categories will be articles containing all your new video tutorials as well as the text instructions... all completely searchable from your knowledgebase system!

We will also help with installation of the Video Knowledgebase files upon request.

If you have any questions, just let me know :)

Rob Moore
DemoWolf.com - founder

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We now offer a FREE membership plan that comes complete with cPanel and Plesk video articles, loaded into your Blesta knowledgebase. I've just updated the instructions above to reflect the new system and how to get the videos into your knowledgebase.

The FREE Plan is FREE, with the following conditions:
- the cPanel and Plesk end user series are the only two video series available with the free plan. That's 54 video articles added to your knowledgebase.
- You must sign up for the FREE Plan to get these videos into your knowledgebase.
- You cannot have custom branding (your logo) - for custom branding you must upgrade to a paid plan.
- a short 5-10 second ad will play before your videos (FREE Plan only).

About the Ads:
- We developed this system to be able to offer our videos for free, in exchange for showing short video ads before your videos play. We have not sold any ads yet (as of Feb 12, 2018), but plan to offer them for sale within the next several weeks. When we do, we WILL NOT sell ads to any web hosting companies, or companies that compete with hosting providers as per our Terms of Use. This is to protect our members who are themselves hosting providers. To do this, we will be selling the ad space in-house, and all ads must be approved by us before going live.
- Once our ad serving system is in place, we will start by simply advertising DemoWolf, and our video tutorials. Chances are a lot of your customers (who will be seeing your videos, and thus our ads) may run small hosting businesses themselves, or are themselves web developers... people who perhaps could use our videos in their own websites for THEIR customers. Therefore, until we start actually selling ad space, we will serve our own ads.
- The ads we serve will contain a countdown timer so viewers will know how much longer the ad will run before their video starts. At this time, the plan is to allow either 5 or 10 second ads, and only 1 ad will play before your video. This ad will essentially take the place of your own logo branding that you would get if you upgrade to a paid plan.

Paid Plans:
- For those who do not want any ads to play before their videos, we offer two paid plans starting from $10/month (paid annually). For details, go to our Pricing page.

Custom Logo Branding:
- Paid plan members have the option of having their logo display for 5 seconds before their videos play. It can be a static logo or an animated intro if you like. If you'd like an animated intro but don't already have one, we can make one for you. For more information, go to our Logo Branding page.

Watch the Videos:
You can preview all available video tutorials on our website. Free Plan members can have either (or both) the cPanel Paper Lantern end user series (28 videos) or the Plesk Onyx end user series (26 videos) for free, while paid plan members can choose to have all 30+ series (over 450 videos as of Feb 12, 2018), or choose only the ones you want. All can be easily imported into your knowledgebase with just a few clicks. To watch any of the videos, go to our Video Tutorials Library page.

For more information on how this all works: https://demowolf.com/how-it-works/

I'm happy to help by answering any question s you might have.0

Rob Moore

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Sadly, Demowolf.com has shutdown. You can read their notice on their website and they are no longer contactable (I have tried emailing).

The free videos have stopped working.

I'm just making you aware of the situation because they are listed in your marketplace. Additionally, there may be other Blesta users who, without warning, now have invalid videos.

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