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We have a new CSV importer.

To install, download the attached csv.zip and unzip the file. Upload the csv directory to ~/plugins/import_manager/components/migrators/ and go to Settings > Company > Plugins to install it the Import Manager. Then, manage the plugin and click on the CSV link to start.

What's imported?


Import Clients

That's right, it just imports your clients.

You can paste in your client data in comma separated CSV format. Then you'll be prompted to match the fields that you're importing.

This CSV importer is useful for importing all of your clients from systems that there is no alternative importer for. From then, it may be necessary to create services or invoices for your clients.. but at least your clients have been imported! :blesta: 

Here is a sample CSV. You will be prompted to match the fields, so the order of the data does not matter, but the 1st line must be the field names.


John,Miller,[email protected],123 Elm St.,Orange,CA,92806,US,7145555555,Miller Corp
Elizabeth,Moran,[email protected],672 Claremont Pl,Anaheim,92805,CA,US,NA

Your file may also include a username. If not, we suggest just selecting the email field as the username. It can be selected for both username and email address.

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