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Integrating Blesta with a PAYU payment gateway

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17 hours ago, virtualorbis said:

I contacted @cyandark weeks ago but didn't receive any response.

I am contacting @Blesta Addons now


Hi there @virtualorbis , I have a Payu gateway that I use for Colombia I am sure the same one will work with your Payu from Peru if you want I can share it with you.

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1 hour ago, Paul said:

Do you know if it's just a different API endpoint and/or currencies? Very odd.

It's a totally different API, different endpoint and different parameters.

The same API is valid for all the Latin American countries supported by PayU. Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina for example. Depending of the country, the API will require some extra parameters for taxation purposes.

You can check the API Documentation here: http://developers.payulatam.com/en/web_checkout/integration.html

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El 9/9/2017 a las 12:43, jassdesi dijo:

Hola , @virtualorbis , tengo una pasarela de pago que utiliza para Colombia. Estoy seguro de que la misma funcionará con su cuenta de Perú, si lo desea, puedo compartirla con usted.

Hola Jassdesi, podrias por favor compartes tu plugin de payu para blesta? te lo agradeceria mucho, saludos

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