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ISPConfig Module

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A new early release ISPConfig module is available.

To install, download the attached ispconfig.zip and unzip the file. Upload the ispconfig directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it.

Please give it a spin and give us your feedback!

Here's a sample welcome email you can use for your Package:


Domain: {service.ispconfig_domain}
Username : {service.ispconfig_username}
Password: {service.ispconfig_password}

Control Panel: https://{module.host_name}:8080

Name Servers

{% for name_server in module.name_servers %}
Name server: {name_server}{% endfor %}


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9 minutes ago, Kronz said:

My ISPConfig runs on port 8083, not 8080, though.


Should I change something in the code of the module to accommodate for this ?

In /ispconfig/apis/ispconfig_api.php will find the function "apiRequest", in the function you will see two variables, $soap_location and $soap_uri, replace "8080" with "8083"in these variables.

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