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Reassign Pricing should also update package_group_id

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i think it does it . when i reassing pricing it update the package group id .

Update : No it doesn't update it, we have tried it and have found another issue in the above thread , i we have update our custom plugin convert package to make this updated . i think the update is simple, i will put what we have do in our plugin later this day .


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this is our fix :

in models/reassign_pricing_services.php replace the edit fucntion with this :

    public function edit($service_id, array $vars)
        $vars['service_id'] = $service_id;
        $vars['module_row_id'] = $this->getPackageModuleRow($this->ifSet($vars['pricing_id']));
        $vars['package_group_id'] = $this->getPackageGroupId($this->ifSet($vars['pricing_id']));

        if ($this->Input->validates($vars)) {
            $this->Record->where('id', '=', $service_id)
                ->update('services', $vars, ['pricing_id', 'module_row_id', 'package_group_id']);

add this function before the last line

     * Retrieves the Package Group Id associated with the given package pricing
     * @param int $pricing_id The package pricing ID
     * @return mixed The Package Group Id if it exists, or null otherwise
    protected function getPackageGroupId($pricing_id)
        $package = $this->Record->select(['package_group.package_group_id'])
            ->innerJoin('packages', 'packages.id', '=', 'package_pricing.package_id', false)
            ->innerJoin('package_group', 'package_group.package_id', '=', 'package_pricing.package_id', false)
            ->where('package_pricing.id', '=', $pricing_id)

        return ($package ? $package->package_group_id : null);

hope it will help .

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