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Release 4.1.2

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Version 4.1.2 is now available. Please see the announcement.

This is a patch release that corrects issues with 4.1.0.

Be sure to run /admin/upgrade after uploading the patch or full versions. NOTE! If you have a large number of invoices, it may be necessary to run the upgrade via CLI as the upgrade process can take some time while a new table is populated. This migration was introduced in 4.1.1 and improved in this release - 4.1.2. If you aren't already running 4.1.1, it's better to go to 4.1.2 directly as the migration is more efficient than in 4.1.1. To upgrade via CLI, from your Blesta directory run: php ./index.php admin/upgrade

Patching Blesta

See Patching Blesta in the User Manual for instructions.

Release Notes

See Blesta Core - Version 4.1.2.

See all Change Logs.

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