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I have a user that has an account and has paid for their hosting about a week ago, they've just contacted me that within their dashboard its showing pending service. They is the option to activate the service but when trying to do so it says it already exists in the apache configuration and the domain is already setup with cPanel, so I disabled the option to tick and enable module and now its come up with... 

Something went wrong.

Array to string conversion

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Module log is under Tools > Logs > Module tab in Blesta. Click the row to expand and show the input/output logs.

Have you made any customizations to the cPanel module, or are you running a 3rd party cPanel module?

It sounds like some data is missing, and that the domain may already exist on your cPanel server. I would suggest noting the domain and username, and delete the pending service, and add it back with "use module" unchecked (since it exists in cPanel already). Under Account Actions > Add Service. Deleting the existing, and creating a new service may resolve whatever data is missing in that record.

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