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Client listing first_name, last_name rather than Name


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If you have a number of clients, it would be nice to be able to sort by first_name or last_name when looking for a client.

If I manually edit the url to: /admin/clients/index/active/?sort=last_name&order=asc the client list is sorted by last name, so it seems like this would be an "easy" change.

I am populating the company field with last_name, first_name; it would be better if we had two columns.


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As a work-around, I changed one line in:  /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients.pdt

<td><span><a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->base_uri . 'clients/index/' . $this->Html->ifSet($status) . '/?sort=first_name&order=' . ($sort == 'first_name' ? $negate_order : $order));?>" class="ajax<?php echo $this->Html->safe($sort == 'first_name' ? ' ' . $order : '');?>"><?php $this->_('AdminClients.index.heading_name');?></a></span></td>

<td><span><a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->base_uri . 'clients/index/' . $this->Html->ifSet($status) . '/?sort=last_name&order=' . ($sort == 'last_name' ? $negate_order : $order));?>" class="ajax<?php echo $this->Html->safe($sort == 'last_name' ? ' ' . $order : '');?>"><?php $this->_('AdminClients.index.heading_name');?></a></span></td>

Hopefully I didn't break something :-)

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