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The authorization details given appear to be invalid



I setup API with un: 123 key: ec844ceefaff1d1f2d230ed1ce5b2631

It doesn't seem to be working:
[root@cp ~]# curl -k https://katy.com/billing/api/invoices/add.json -u 123:ec844ceefaff1d1f2d230ed1ce5b2631 -d 'vars[client_id]=1' -d 'vars[date_billed]=2013-11-20T16:43:00-07:00' -d 'vars[date_due]=2013-11-20T16:43:00-07:00' -d 'vars[currency]=USD'[B
{"message":"The authorization details given appear to be invalid.","errors":{"user":{"valid":"The API user or key appears to be invalid."}},"response":null}[root@cp ~]#

Where did I go wrong?

After posting this note I delete API user 123

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If you're sure the API user and key are correct, it may be that your web server is run in CGI and certain variables for HTTP authentication are not available, like PHP_AUTH_USER/PHP_AUTH_PW, HTTP_AUTHORIZATION, or REDIRECT_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION. In that case you will likely need to update your .htaccess file to include a rewrite rule to set HTTP_AUTHORIZATION. Take a look at this post for an example.

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