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Support Manager: Bulk updater dialog

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I have seen the bug for the bulk updater dialog in Chrome:


But to expand on this; in Edge on Windows 10, you are unable to select anything in the drop down box for "With Selected Tickets" (eg. "Update Status").


Secondly, in Chrome, the bulk updater dialog box doesn't appear at all for Open tickets. There is something in the new version of Chrome that is causing this issue because it stopped working in 3.4.3 as well (I thought an upgrade to 4.4.2 would fix it, unfortunately it didn't) and I have tried on a different PC in Chrome. It works in Edge.

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There is a simple fix that I have added to Support Manager Pro in my latest update :)

Its because the CSS Position: fixed, has to be changed into Position: absolute

The problem is the position of the box that will Drop to the end of the page but will always be visible in all browsers :)

Hope that helps :blesta:


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