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As far as I can tell, payment accounts are practically useless when encryption is enabled in Blesta?

A client can't select any existing accounts when paying an invoice or ordering a new service. However, they can still add, edit, and manage existing accounts - as well as save their new payment method - which seems kind of pointless if they cant ever use them?


The exact code used for rendering payment accounts in the pay selection screen:

if (!empty($payment_accounts) && !$this->Html->ifSet($require_passphrase)) {


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If you set a private key passphrase you are preventing Blesta from running cards automatically, and you should process cards manually under Billing > Batch. Hopefully the note at the top of that page is clear:

WARNING: Setting a passphrase will prevent locally stored payment accounts from being automatically processed. You will be required to manually batch payments by entering your passphrase.


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