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Unpaid Orders Reminder

Automatically send a friendly reminder to customers that left their order unpaid (pending), Email sent in the customer language. this plugin will Increase your revenue by sending email reminders to customers automatically to remind them that their order has not been paid.

The plugin has 3 Reminders Now, we might increase it to 5 . it work like the invoice reminder system in Blesta, it use a email template installed by the plugin.

we have a big debate internally how we should do it, it was a option to include in the clear order plugin or My order Widget plugin, but finally we have decided to make it as standalone plugin and not be part of other plugins, that way we can focus in every plugin role updating and bug-fixes if exist .

Screenshots :







Demo of email sent :

Subject  : Unpaid Order Reminder 5ace0bfc93449 at Blesta Addons [Reminder #1]

Message :

Hello XXXX (first name)

You recently submitted an order at our website Blesta Addons Thank You!
It appear the order status is still pending, did anything go wrong during this checkout ?

still you can pay your order now.. Pay Now (No login required)

Order Summary :

Order Number: 5ace0bfc93449
Status: accepted
Amount: 12$

Items Ordered :


this  plugin requiere the VIP (Gold) subscription .

Order Link

Plugin Page

as always the installtion steps is :
1 - download the file from client area .
2 - upload the orders_reminder folder inside plugin directory .
3 - goto plugins , and install Unpaid Orders Reminder.
4 - enjoy the content .

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