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Daniel B

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I see there is an option in the Paypal Payments Standard module that says " Allow users to modify current and create new subscriptions ".

I've never really messed with this, but I now have someone asking me if they can preapprove a paypal subscription for their domain renewal a year from now.

I don't want to just generate the invoice and have it sitting unpaid for a year, is there a way to just create the paypal subscription for the renewal that is a year away, without messing any of the automatic payment tracking up?  (I don't want to create the subscription in paypal directly and it not mark the invoice paid in a year).

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I believe the client will have to do it. If that option was checked when they created their subscription, I believe they can do it within PayPal.. some steps listed at https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/paypal-payments-standard/integration-guide/manage_subscriptions/ You can check their subscription in your PayPal account also, and see if you have the option to change it, but I've only ever seen a cancel option.

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