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Release 4.3.0

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Version 4.3.0 is now available. You can download directly right here.

Installing Blesta

See Installing Blesta in the User Manual for instructions.

Upgrading Blesta

See Upgrading Blesta in the User Manual for instructions.

Migrating to Blesta

See Migrating to Blesta in the User Manual for instructions.

  • Full client delete option (GDPR: Right to erasure / Right to be forgotten).
  • Client data JSON export (GDPR: Right to portability).
  • Addon services can be automatically prorated to renew with their parents.
  • New Modules: Vultr, TeamSpeak 3, CyberPanel
  • New Gateways: CoinPayments, CoinGate
  • SolusVM now has a password generator for password resets.
  • Display order of package groups can now be sorted on order forms by drag-n-drop.
  • Clients can now see and purchase restricted packages that are assigned to them.
  • Plugins can now register service management options like modules. (See docs.)
  • Modules can now create their own automation tasks like plugins. (See docs.)
  • CSV importer. (Imports Client data only.)

Release Notes

See Blesta Core - Version 4.3.0.

For older releases see all Change Logs.

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