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Listing packages on portal screen


Is there a reasonable way to list automatically packages on the portal screen?

PHP scripts don't run in there. Ideally I want something like:   Domains | Price , Package | Price , similar to the order pages, just without the registration.

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On 9/6/2018 at 3:42 PM, Blesta Addons said:

You mean only show product/price without link to order it ?


Not really. Just basically  the actual        /order/forms/ (this looks to ugly as start page) , however, this could be good as amnu (left side for me)

 and/or  a selection of products

eg: domain names and then display a list of all avail domains, incl price ..., hosting packages | description | Price /..........j ust a  order form, without any registration

The problem for me, the portal page does not accept any mySql query/code at all. I am almost sure, there is a kind of feed ora script, which could populate this, within the portal screen

Somehow, I can already the  /order/forms/  and hard coding the links, but the actual packages, pricing, description, I fail


Something like in attachment, I like to archive. This from whmcs, so that all packages can be listed. I don't need the html or css parts, just somehow, a strting point and if not clean php, as I can, then the points, where to add the classes. Ignore currency above , as this is ALMOST  to 100% sorted'

Fetching package | description, if | price ..and maybe applicable options. ideally per group (order form)



Sorry for late response, but spend to much time in hospital, aslo for coming weeks ongoing


Screenshot from 2018-09-14 03-59-53.png

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9 hours ago, Tiny said:

The oder form pdt's ain't really the problem. An old classic, mysql ... could work this. the worry is, the landing page, portal, does not accept/execute any php. 

is true, is not accepting javascript also. we have CMS pro that i used in one of our website group that have this option, allow users to add javascripts/php in thier code, is multi-languages support, built-in in compares packages, built-in whois search, built-in sliders, built-in domains extensions page, built-in contact page, built-in menus and nav bars menu, footer links, Seo-friendly and mush more wonderful and fantastic  features, we have not yet released for public, but we are in the way to release it.

a dirty way to achieve your goal now is :

1 - create custom plugin that will show what you want.
2 - create a js file that has a ajax request to that plugin controller
3 - in the cms put the line to the js file.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://xxxxxx.com/plugins/your_plugin/views/default/js/your_js_file.js"></script>	

we are using the same method in blesta-addons to list the latest products, you can check html source code to understand well .

our js file has this content

	function fetch_latest_items() {
		$(this).blestaRequest("GET", "/plugin/store/main/latest_products/", null, function(data) {
			if (data)



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