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disable validateService() on order form

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in some case, we don't want to pass the validate services function for the order form or when service status is pending, we need it only when activating service .

Real case :

in some cases, we need only to accept order, then the admin activate the order with filling the service fields data,  only then we want to allow module/service to validate the entered data.



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4 hours ago, Tyson said:

Creating a service without validating the service first sounds like a logical mistake. If your module does not need to validate the service you could have it always return true from it's validate method.

maybe i have made i wrong explanation, we don't want to add service without validation, we want only to collect order from client without validation (order form) maybe a new settings in modules or order form!!!

the validation will pass in service creation . i see logical to have validateService() inside add service, but i see it would be also a logical to validate data or not in the order form. in my case i have resolved it with some modifications, but i think this can help others if implemented in the core .


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