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Centova Cast Module - Account provisioned without payment..



Using the Centova Cast module,

Just testing an order form as a demo client (paypal sandbox account) so developer mode is enabled in blesta.

Went through the checkout process and ordered a Centova Cast account, $ 3.50 for 1 month.
Created an account, used the email from the paypal sandbox account, selected paypal as payment method,
Signed in as the new client and the Centova Cast account was already created and waiting, no payment made.

I didn't have to login to paypal with the sandbox account to complete the payment.

So it provisioned the new Centova Cast account, I was able to log in to the new stream account.

There also was an invoice saying i was overdue and please pay 7 USD asap.

What should I do?  it shouldn't be creating/provisioning any accounts until payment is received right?

At least we know the module is connecting that's a good start.

Any help appreciated.

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The automation task only provisions paid pending services. This means:

  • The order is approved, which makes the service go from "In Review" to "Pending"
  • The service is paid (or the invoice does not exist, was voided, or "unlinked" from the service).
  • The "Provision Paid Pending" automation task will run and activate services that meet these requirements.

Alternatively, staff can manually provision pending services, whether paid or not. But, if a client places an order, does not pay the invoice, and no other action is taken, the service should not be provisioned. Probably something interjected in there some place.

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I did void the invoice after, then deleted the new client, I'll try it again,

I'm using a paypal sandbox account, also for the new client signup,
Still thought, I didn't go through any paypal login to make the payment.
I just logged in as the new client and could see the new centova login info.

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