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$lang['OrderPlugin.client.name'] = "Order ";

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I updated the $lang['OrderPlugin.client.name'] = "Order"; text in /plugins/order/language/en_us/order_plugin.php
But the title text under the link displays different text. I cleared the cache folder and my browser data, it still didn't change.

Any idea what the issue is and how to resolve?


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The "OrderPlugin.client.name" definition is used in a couple locations:

  1. In the client navigation
  2. When listing available order forms on the /order/forms/ URI

For #2, the language is loaded from the language file, so it will appear as whatever definition you have set.

For #1, the language is translated to the default language and saved in the database under the `plugins_actions` table. This navigation language does not change, or reload, unless the Order plugin is installed/upgraded, and remains static from there on. We intend to update plugins to support multi-language definitions that are pulled from the plugin's language file instead of the database, but this is not currently integrated into Blesta.

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Honestly most of this I don't understand, how do do I fix it?

It's very confusing, why should the title text change if I only want to change the link text.

I mean the text is not changing in the link when I update that title text under it in plugins/order/language/en_us/order_plugin.php

There has to be a more convenient way to do these kind of edits.

Updating a menu link should be as easy as going to the admin area and changing the link text.
Updating that title text "Order" shouldn't affect the text under the link, it stresses me out just thinking about it.

Help please, is there a cache issue also?

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All text is stored in language files and can be changed there. However, links created by plugins are stored in the database, which you can update in the `plugin_actions` table. In a future update, the plugin links will be pulled from the language files.

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