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PHP7.3 Mailparse


I'm reading in the blesta requirements that 'mailparse' is recommended. https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Requirements I am unable to compile mailparse to work with php7.3 due to it thinking mbstring is not there but the packge is installed "php7.3-mbstring is already the newest version (7.3.0~rc6-1+0~20181125111811.22+stretch~1.gbp3c599f)" . I tried the following but still get compile errors. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35793216/installing-mailparse-php7-mbstring-error My php.ini says mbstring is installed and functioning. I'm reading the blesta "readme" and it says ### Note for PHP 7.0 Users
If you are running PHP 7.0, **you must** apply the hotfix from _/hotfix-php7/blesta/_
to _/blesta/_ before uploading files to your web server.

Does this apply to php7.3 as well? ( I installed php7.1 and all dependencies and blesta is working great. Wondering when we will have ioncube license file for 7.3 as General availability is in 2 days)


Multibyte Support enabled
Multibyte string engine libmbfl
HTTP input encoding translation disabled
libmbfl version 1.3.2
oniguruma version 6.9.0
Zend Multibyte Support provided by mbstring

I'm assuming I will not be able to pipe in emails to the ticket system because the installer tells me

  • The mailparse extension is required for parsing incoming emails.

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