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Centova Cast Module - How to set up and provision exxtra services

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So I have a few stream hosting accounts set up with the Centova Cast module,

How would you create extra services, like say the user wanted to upgrade their listener limit from 100 to 500 listeners.
Or maybe they have a stream with autodj features, which includes disk storage, how would you set up extra services for all this?

And can any extra service like increasing listener limits or storage be automatic after payment?

Are there any docs for this module?

Sorry I don't understadn all of this.


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This would best be done with configurable options in Blesta that the CentovaCast module supports for allowing listeners/disk storage to be changed. I'm not sure what the CentovaCast API supports in regards to this, but I know the CentovaCast module in Blesta does not currently support the use of any config options. If their API allows for it, the module could be updated to allow the listeners/disk storage to be updated, then you could simply allow clients to change their config options on a service in order to perform the upgrade. And if you have Queued Service Changes enabled in Blesta, those service changes can be automatically applied after payment.

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Even though I'm not sure how any of that would work, it can't be done with the current Centova module?

So I'd have to upgrade their accounts manually and have some way for them to order that extra service?

Had a look at that uniersial module but wasn't sure if I created a new product with it or what.

I don't know how to create extra/addon services for this Centova Cast module. extra listeners or more disk storage.

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Has anyone done this? I need to figure this out.

I need instructions on creating extra addon services for the centova cast module.

Like if a customer rented a 50 listener stream, they could upgrade it to 100 or 200 listeners.

If they had an autodj stream, could add on extra listeners or extra storage.

From creating packages to what groups they should be added to etc etc.

The client should be able to select these extra services in the backend and it will be added to their existing account, including any extra charges etc.

Some easy documentation would be nice.

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